My Sweet Puppy!!

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Busy bee

Sorry, didn’t know how to post the text with the photo!  This is my dog Georgia Peach.  She’s awesome :)


What kind of dog is yours and how old?  Sooo cute and very fluffy!

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Buzzing bee

@howtobeawife:  Your pet reminds me of a dog that used to hang out at our office.  I forget what breed he was, but he looked really similar to yours.

Here’s a pic of my Gabi when she was a puppy.  I call this the “gratuitous puppy belly shot”

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This was Vegas when she was just a wee puppy. I miss these days! Now she’s 8 years old.

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@bleusteel:  Oh my god, soooooooooooo cute! These puppy pictures are making my morning :)

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We love our doggies! =)

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This is Emma! :) She’s half lab and half akita. I wish I could find a better picture because her tail is curly like an Akita. But, here she is! She’s about 8 months old now.



And I have to attach this picture too, just because I love it so much. She was sound asleep like this <3

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I’ll grab at any opportunity to show off my adorable poochie!


@hismm:  Your puppies are so cute!  Is the bottom one a Weimaraner?

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