(Closed) Need a diet to gain weight as I am officially underweight. HELP?!

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Your doctor should be able to provide you a balanced diet that fits your needs!
In the meantime, you could look into adding a nutritional supplement such as Ensure that has a good boost of vitamins and minerals that help with proper body functions.

Filling up on proteins and healthy fats (avacados, nuts, etc) will help add calories, but in a healthy manner. Good luck, and if i could share some of my extra, i gladly would (;

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alpinebride:  You want to make sure you are putting on healthy weight. I second the pp suggestion of healthy fats and protein. Weight training will help you put on lean muscle. Maybe ask your doctor to refer you to a dietician? 

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You should probably be eating some good quality, extra calories that will help you gain weight and are good for your body, try eat nuts, avacado, salmon, olive oil etc, anything that is high in natrual fats is a great way to gain weight, also see yout doctor and do something weight training!

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alpinebride:  I would love to be in your shoes, haha. However, I have seen how difficult it is for some people to gain weight, and they feel awful about it. Definitely see a Registered Dietitian so they can provide you with a meal plan that will work for you. Good Luck!

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I’m not currently on a diet to gain weight, but Fiance is. He has a hard time eating large amounts of food, even the small meals. The only thing that has been helping him is to drink a meal shake along side his regular meal so he gets the extra calories. It could be a start until you can see a doctor. ๐Ÿ™‚

Look for ones that say “muscle” on the bottle because those are the more protein-rich, fatty ones I guess. He says they taste pretty good, like drinking chocolate milk.

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When I’ve been in your shoes, I’ve tried to work peanut butter into my diet more regularly – even a peanut butter sandwich as a daily snack was helpful.

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Register for MyFitnessPal – it isn’t just for people trying to lose weight.  Logging what you eat will help you gain weight healthily and balance your diet properly.

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Definitely add more protein. Meat, nuts, greek yogurt, beans. Hummus is a fantastic protein option, too.

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as a doctor she should understand not everyone is at the optimal weight for their height and that’s ok. I have Ehlers danlos syndrome and due to gastro motility issues I am chronically underweight with a bmi of 15 to 16. My doctors are fine with it as long as my other tests are normal for me. Don’t judge based on outward appearance  not everyone’s situation is the same.

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I also don’t like a lot of meat and would much rather fill up on fruit. I add peanut butter to apples, Nutella on bananaa, hummus as a sandwich spread or with veggies. It’s hard fine line of healthy weight gain but like another bee said download myfitnesspal, see how much I ate on paper is really helpful. As don’t stop excerising in order to gain

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alpinebride:  I have always been the same as you and find that lifting weights and eating at a calorie surplus (from adding more protein and healthy fat, not sugar or empty calories!) helps me gain muscle mass which in turn helps me gain weight. Google BMR calculator to determine how many calories you burn in a day and estimate what would constitute a surplus from that, taking into consideration any activity that would burn significant extra calories. Also make sure to consume extra protein such as a whey protein smoothie after lifting weights to make sure you give your body fuel to use to build muscle. Others have suggested good examples of other foods so I won’t repeat ๐Ÿ™‚

Back on HS my metabolism was even higher and I really needed to bulk up to play tennis, so I would actually make weight gainer shakes with muscle milk and the like. I actually lost weight almoat immediate after i quit taking them they were soneffective. You could go to any workout/gnc type store and talk to someone about how to use these. They definitely helped pack on some pounds and I would never have been able to play mixed doubles without em!

All that said – im assuming this underweight label is based off your BMI since you mentioned being weighed? Just as everyone whose BMI indicates they are overweight is not unhealthy, not everyone who is classified as underweight is unhealthy either. I know mine has hovered in the 16 range for the last decade and all of my health exams come back grea, same with many of my friends. As a med student I’m sure you know that much better than I do though, just say that because maybe you don’t need to add more worry to an already stressful life over this ๐Ÿ™‚

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alpinebride:  If you dont like meat try upping protein by eating dairy foods- unsweetened yoghurts etc as well as natural carbs like carrots, potatos, sweet potatos. How many calories are you eating a day? Have you actually had blood tests to see if you have defiencies? 

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If you’re always on the go, then just throw in a couple of individual sized packages of peanut butter (or almond butter…whatever) in your purse and you should be good. Two servings of peanut butter is about 400 calories  x 7 days a week adds up pretty quicky. 


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