New Relationship Birthday Expectations

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Helper bee

So tough.

First of all, it’s still a very new relationship, so try not to be too disappointed if he doesn’t do anything, or yes, even if he forgets. Guys are not the greatest with this – some are. But not everyone is.

There’s two ways to do it I’d think. One, let it all go and see what he does. That of course may mean he does nothing. But it could mean he will wow you by remembering and doing something sweet.

Two, take that he doesn’t have anything planned because he is working late, and suggest that you do something the following day or over the weekend? It takes the surrpise element out of it, but it more guarantees you’ll get some recognition of your birthday.

If I may ask, it’s a new relationship, but do you typically hang out often, have good communication?

It’s completely up to you what you decide. I too don’t love going overboard with birthdays but I would also be upset if it was not acknowledged in anyway. Good luck. And Happy Birthday.

205 posts
Helper bee

@FearLess:  Nothing wrong with hoping for that of course, it’s not silly. I hope he does something for you.

Thanks for the clarity. LD must be hard right now, but I am happy to hear that you are on the same page. I’m similar ages (30 to my SO’s 35) and it helps to at least have that much going because of course you don’t want to be on a different page. Communication is key.

Either way I’m sure you’ll be fine. Maybe he will surprise you, as he is coming out. Good luck!

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