NFP, other natural contraceptives? Help? Advice?

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Hi, Kittywolf!!

My bf and I are planning to use NFP once we’re married! I love that its 100% natural, pro-life, and how it encourages communication between couples. Once we’re married, we are also planning on waiting to have kids for a year or two.:)

First off, I know you’re planning on waitng, but Lady Comp doesn’t work post-partum. You have to have your cycles back for it to work. If you plan on breast feeding once you have a child, then you might not have your period back for months or a year or more, so you can’t use it. I’d be worried that it would miss the first ovulation, and you’d conceive your first cycle back. Also, it’s expensive. For the money and the fact that you are interested in using a device, I’d reccomend Marquette. It uses the Clear Blue Fertily monitor, you can use it before or after kids and. I’ve heard its GREAT post partum because it measures hormones in you body.

Also if you haven’t joined already, I’d reccomend that you join the Natural Family Planning- CLOSED group on facebook.

The ladies there are wonderful and they’ll point you in the right direction and help you along the way. Whether you’re trying to pick a method (theres a file tab in the group that explains the different onces), trying to find an instructor, having charting problems, etc, they’ll help you. 🙂

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@kittywolf13:  condoms are MUCH more effective than charting. Play it safe. 

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Weddingbee probably isn’t the best place to be asking about NFP. Yes, some people use it here, but so many ladies here think its the same as the rhythm method. Thats why I really, really reccomend you join the Natural Family Planning- CLOSED group. You’ll feel more onfident about it with ladies who are going through the same things as you are. There are ladies who are just starting out, ladies who have been using it for years and are still child free, ladies with 1 kid all the way up to 5 or more. 🙂

Also, NFP Is MUCH more effective than condoms. If you stick to a method and follow the rules, there is a tiny, tiny change you’ll get pregnant (equivalent to mostforms of BC). Get lazy with the rules, then yes, you’ll get pregnant, just like if you forgot to take a pill.


For example, IUD vs Billing Ovulation Methods study in China (a mucus only type):


“The study was quite extensive, including 662 women using TCu220c (a copper IUD) and 992 women using BOM. They were all between the ages of 24 and 35. All women were healthy and of proven fertility (having at least one live birth). The participants were followed for one year, totaling 16,169 cycles monitored. It is also interesting to note that these women varied greatly in education and social status, ranging from 0-12+ years of education and separated into groups labeled Peasant, Laborer and Intellectual.


The results?


5 women in the BOM group became pregnant (all use-related, meaning they did not follow the rules correctly) which equals a use-failure rate of 0.5%. This is compared to the IUD group where 12 pregnancies occurred equaling a failure rate of 2%. Discontinuation of use for medical reasons was also significantly lower in the BOM group. In the IUD group there were 15 expulsions, and 38 removals due to severe pain and bleeding, and 12 discontinued because of pregnancy while in the BOM group only the 5 use-related pregnancies were “discontinued.”











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@kittywolf13:  Condoms if you don’t want to chance it. NFP if a happy accident would be okay. I got pregnant using NFP; after a successful year, I ovulated super early and got pregnant.


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If you can check your cervical mucus, you should try VCF.  It’s a thin film square that you insert Before getting busy.  it is cheapest at walmart and very unobtrusive.

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Taking Charge of Your Fertility is a great book, if you interested in using fertility awareness / natural family planning.  It’s great for understanding your cycles and getting super comfortable with your body — especially if you plan to try to get pregnant in the next couple of years. 

I’d really reccomend using condoms for a good, long while at first, though.  Condoms are far more foolproof when you are first getting started.   I’ve charted for about two years now — I still don’t entirely trust it alone to keep me from getting pregnant, although I’m happy to use *some* of the rules and not have to use condoms all of the time when I am 99% sure there is no need to worry — If I’m ever less than 99% sure we use concoms to be safe.  Try a big variety — some are awful to use, some not bad.  (Trojans suck in my opinion — they are thick and smell like burnt hair.) Use lube with condoms — they are far less likely to break with lube, and condoms have a way of being abrasive and making you dry/chafed. 

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Use NFP and condoms or avoidance in your fertile time. You can adjust your window for comfort. Also, be prepared to use condoms for a few cycles while you learn the ropes. Even Lady Comp isn’t foolproof.. I had a friend conceive when it told her she was safe. There’s a risk with everything.

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@kittywolf13:  I think 4 months is perfect. I only started charting about 2 months before my wedding. I use NFP (Billings method – mucus only). I don’t use any other methods in conjunction with NFP.


It can be intimidating at first but you very quickly get into it and it’s so easy to do. It only takes a few seconds a day. Also, my cycles vary greatly sometimes but I’m still able to chart successfully without any trouble because the method has taught me to understand my body so well.


I would definitely recommend finding an instructor to whom you can email your charts for the first couple months and then whenever you have a question.

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@Dani22:  I used TCOYF which blends a few of the methods.  You temp, check the position and softness of your cervix, cervical mucus, and log other fertility signs (such as tender breasts).  We abstained or used a condom during my fertility window.  When I got pregnant I ovulated 10 days earlier than I had ever ovulated after a year of logging my cycles.  By ovulating so early (on CD 10 when I usually ovulate CD 20 or later) we accidentally ended up BDing during the fertility window (on CD 9) and I showed up pregnant from that one time!

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@bluegreenjean:  +1 on TCOYF.  I cannot use hormonal methods due to my blood clot 5 years ago.  If you follow the rules and listen to your body’s signals, you will be okay.  

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I would LOVE to get off hormonal birth control but I do not want children. Ever really,and I feel like the pill is the safest. I’ve only been on it for 5 years straight(and two or three yrs before that). I have never heard of the Lady comp but it sounds great. I want to do more research. I think I’ll join that Facebook group too! I’m not the OP but everyone has been helpful:)

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