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Sugar bee
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I think it’s a lot harder to Catfish nowadays as opposed to when the internet/chat rooms were relatively new. I mean, almost everyone has some kind of Google trail, and I would hope that if one of the Bees didn’t feel that something was right or making much sense, she wouldn’t pursue it.

On a related note, there is actually a disturbing movie that is about a 14 year old girl getting “Catfished” by an older guy. It’s very disturbing b/c she pretty much gets lured in deeper and deeper to the point where – I don’t want to spoil it if you want to watch it, but it’s called Trust, and it was on Netflix Instant Play. David Schwimmer of Friends, I believe, directed (or produced?) it. 

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Sugar bee
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@katebell17:  My sister has been Catfished multiple times. Once, the relationship went on for almost two years before my sister found out it was a girl. The whole thing has been really hard on her, she has trouble connecting with people (especially men) so she has yet to have a relationship with anyone and these Catfishes have made it worse.

It sickens me that people do this.

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Busy Beekeeper
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What the hell is catfished?  Never heard that term before..

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Sugar bee
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I have had numerous serious relationships and friendships begin online.

I met DH on Myspace.

One of my best friends was a boy I met online. We never met IRL and he passed away in 2005. I still miss him to this day. To be honest when I first watched Catfish I thought well maybe…. and then I actually got happy because it would mean that this person is still alive. Unfortunately, I am friends with his mom, cousin, good friend and godson on FB. There are pictures of his grave. Without a doubt this amazing person is actually dead and I never got to meet him.

Another great friend and I have been talking online for 15 years. He lives in another country. I have had his address, phone number, spoke to his brother, seen pictures posted by other people on his facebook where he is tagged, etc. I have never thought for a moment that he is anyone other than what he claims to be.

It saddens me that people pretend to be someone else and I can totally see how you can fall for it even though from an outside perspective it seems very apparent.

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Buzzing bee
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I have a confession- I once created a persona online.

I didn’t do it to fool anyone in a dating sense or anything. I was in grade 9 or 10, i did something embarrasing on a forum (which at 14 was like The. Worst. Thing. Ever), and never wanted to show my face in it again, incase someone was like ‘OMG SHES THE GIRL WHO….” so I created this guy, using my friends photos, who was a soccer player, and into the band that the forum was based off and whatever. I was this guy for almost 8 months, before I grew bored, and decided I needed to stop doing it. For some stupid reason, I didn’t just make a post saying he was leaving, I decided to put him in a coma, and post as his “girlfriend” and say he was hurt and whatever. Apparently it made people curious, and they started looking, and found that all the photos my guy had created were on the same photobucket as me, who had embarrased myself, and I got called out. I tried patching it up, making excuses or whatever, but it didn’t work, and I left the forum after that.

I’ve never pretended to be someone else on the internet since, since that ended with me losing what was my favourite forum growing up, being caught lying, and was even worse then the ’embarrasing’ thing I did as me on it, which I don’t even remember what it was. Where as I remember when I read for the first time that someone thought my character was fake. All I did was want to post on the forum without being judged from my embarrasing moment, and it ended badly haha.


Anywhozzles, people who actually create these characters and get people to trust them, and “online date” them is SO mean. I can’t even imagine.

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Honey bee
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I’ve watched the show a couple of times and usually I’m just shocked about how gullible the ‘victims’ are!! Seriously, the one girl who was catfished believed this guy when he told her that he was going to med school ONLINE, while he was also modeling full time and working on some TV show as an assistant.  Seriously… medical school online? She didn’t think to question that?


As someone that met their FI online (when I was 13!) I can attest that online relationships can work, but for crying outloud don’t be so naive!

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Sugar bee
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@katebell17:  In my experience, my sister was so wrapped up in having this person tell her that he loved her, that she was his everything, she couldn’t see past how he made her feel to realize all the holes in the story. He always made wild excuses as to why he couldn’t Skype or meet. My mother and I both tried to Google him, but the searches came up with nothing. He had no Google trail which made it really hard to disprove his existance.

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Honey bee
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I am pretty addicted to this show and I don’t really watch MTV. Seriously, this is the only show I watch on there. It is pretty interesting and I discuss it with my husband all the time. It is pretty sad on both ends, more so for the person fooled. I never understood why people did it and this show has taught me a lot.

To answer your question though, no I have never experienced anything like this. From what I understand it is pretty common.

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Helper bee
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@Sassygrn:  It’s basically when someone is fooled by someone on the internet (well, that sounds more broad than what I intended). For example, two people connect on some common website (dating site or not) and form a friendship or relationship. They share pictures, talk on the phone, etc. but for whatever reason (usually the Catfish is a convincing liar) they don’t meet or video-chat. Eventually the truth comes to light that one (sometimes both) of the people is not who they say they are. The Catfish usually uses an attractive person’s pictures and claim them as they’re own. They’ll also make up elaborate stories about their life and career to be more interesting.

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Honey bee

I have a male friend who I met on a forum when I was like 12. We’re Facebook friends now, so I know he is who he always said he was. We emailed nonstop for years. 

The only thing close to catfishing I’ve done is lied about my age on Runescape and Neopets in middle school. 

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Worker bee
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       Some times when I read some of the stories at the Bee (specially Emotional board) for some reason I feel catfished. Does anyone feels the same?



      I met my FI online and was very lucky. I had friends with bad experiences, not just about appearance. Once a friend met this guy who had a. “job” and his “own apartment”. Translation: Public assistance and lived with his baby’s mother. He did looked like his picture though :/

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Honey bee

I’ve been watching this show all day and I’m so hooked!

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