Odd experience during sex?

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SomedayHisBride:  I am a yogi but needed to go to pre Cana bc my if is catholic. The priest said that god is in the love btw a couple. I am Pretty open, and think it is believable you had an oobe

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I don’t know but it sounds weird.

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The vibrations and chakra all sound like it, plus you said that it happened before, so I would compare it to your previous experiences and see if it lines up with what you remember. They don’t always last for several minutes or hours and it’s certainly possible to have one that only lasts a couple of seconds.

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Helper bee

I’m not really too much into the whole new age thing and have only a passing understanding of the concept of chakras {no hate at all, just admitting my ignorance}, but I have definitely had an experience like that before!  It freaked me out because it seemed like so much, and yet none at all time had passed.  I was alone at the time though {I have had many strange occurances during sex, but none of this “flavor” 😉 }

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I have experienced this, but it was within a micro second of falling asleep (your partner would not have picked this up) it is a myoclonic or hypnic jerk. Often this will make you feel startled or feel like you are falling or tripping, and you THINK you are awake. I have had these with perfect clear visions.

Whilst your body was present and trying to be ‘in the moment’ you were exhausted, and your brain likely had other ideas, pending orgasm or not!

Then again, it may have been an OOBE. I wasn’t there, you are the one who was. I have just experienced what seems like a similar event.

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It seems more likely that you were tired and momentarily slipped into a beginning stage of sleep. Your body was relaxed, your muscles stretched and released of tension, and you were primed for sleep. The mechanics of the body bringing itself to sleep include vibrations throughout as the muscles further relax and pulse. I’d be curious to know if past or future OOBEs during sex happen when you’re more awake. While a relaxed state is needed for an OOBE to occur, there’s a difference between relaxed and engaged, and relaxed and super tired.

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I feel like this after I take NyQuil and have sex.

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Lucid dreams are when a person is aware they are dreaming, you are not conscious. If you are young, it’s more likely you fell asleep and entered into N1 and maybe had some theta waves where sleep hallucinations can occur. The static you are describing is pretty common to hypnagogic hallucination experiences. 

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MrsBuesleBee:  I was totally thinking the same thing haha!!!!!

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MrsBuesleBee:  I literally just fell out of my chair at work laughing!

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SomedayHisBride:  It for sure sounds like it in my opinion from what others have described to me (I’ve only sleep projected). I guess it just startled you since it didn’t last very long?

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Busy Beekeeper

It was almost certainly a sleep related phenomenon.  Sometimes there is a disconnect in timing and the muscles that stay paralyzed to protect you from hurting yourself in your sleep are not .  So you can seem awake and moving and even sleep talk, but you are really quite asleep and hallucinating or dreaming. 

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