Outdoor Boat Ceremony Decor Help!

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Honey Beekeeper

Given that you have that overhead structure- I would use it. I would drape it in your colors of Tiffany Blue and Light purple and think of something else to do to define the aisle so you don’t have sheer draped fabric overkill.

It’s sometimes not possible to find a pic exactly like the idea we have in our head. I would do something like this, leaving space between the fabric panels. I would do this just at the front as there seems to already be fabric panels over most of the structure. You coulod let the ends of the fabric panels hang down to define the altar area.

You could add these hanging glass vases with one beautiful bloosom inside.

You could then use anything else you like for the aisle.

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Honey bee

We married on a boat, and did very little decor. The scenery provides more stunning decor than anything man-made can compete with. Don’t clutter it up. From the pic you posted, I’d just do some colored Christmas light strings overhead, and some bouquets or flower garlands defining the space where you’ll stand for the ceremony. A little pop of color for photos is all you need. Let the natural skyline and scenery stand on its own.

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Honey bee

What about a swag of Baby’s breath between chairs?  (No need for the birds, lol).

And what about using ribbons in your colors – instead of tulle?  Then let the other pops of colors be from your BM’s gowns and from the bouquets?

DIY Wedding Flower Garland by Once Wed

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Blushing bee

I have extra fabric for putting on boat rails call me 206 2509200 also you will have to tie the bottom if it’s windy otherwise fabric can fly sideways 

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