Oval dream ring too trendy?

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2018

I love my oval (it has only been just over a week though ha). Everyone who has seen it has said how lovely it is and how ‘different’ which is what I was aiming for. I chose mine because I loved the Art Deco feel of it. It also sparkles like crazy! Go with your gut. I’m glad I did! 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2011

kelseypeony :  Round diamonds are the most common and I don’t see that changing, so I’m not sure what you mean about ovals being too common if you consider rounds to be classic. Any cut is classic if you ask me…ovals included. I don’t think ovals are that popular in real life…most people I know have a round stone or a square stone (cushion/princess..I can’t always tell the difference).

But anyway, who cares if more people are liking ovals? You have to get what you want despite what anyone else does or you’ll regret not going with what you like.

I think the setting is what makes the biggest difference in terms of whether something is trendy anyway. Cuts are always classic…they’ve been around for many years…but the setting styles are what change with the fashion.

If you want a classic oval, you can’t get more classic than this fyi:

There is nothing trendy about an oval with tapered baguettes. It is a completely timeless and classic style.

Another classic oval:

Solitaires are always, ALWAYS classic and timeless. If you went with a solitaire, I’d get claw prongs like in the second solitaire. Love claw prongs!

No offense to anyone, but this is trendy (and I LOVE this style, just being honest):

Lots of pave and delicate halos are trendy these days. That doesn’t mean that this ring isn’t beautiful…in fact I think it is and I LOVE it, but this style of ring became very popular recently out of obscurity making it trendy…and for good reason, because it’s gorgeous.

At the end of the day though trends come and go so you can’t live your life by them. If you love a trendy ring then it’s always going to look good to you, so I wouldn’t worry about trends.

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: October 2017

kelseypeony :  I agree that ovals are just as classic as a round or emerald cut diamonds. To me, it’s the setting that makes it look trendy.

I’ve wanted an oval for as long as I can remeber and utlimately that’s what I got. I was a little worried about them becoming so popular too. (I like things that are classic but with a little of a twist so an oval solitaire with a gold band was perfect for me and different enough from the incredibly popular round stone with a platnuim band.) However, for as many photos as I’ve seen plastered all over the internet of ovals and the numerous friends I’ve had get engaged in the last year, I don’t actually know anyone else who has an oval. 

And I get you wanting something that feels unique and special to you. Once I see something on everyone else it doesn’t seem as special or cool anymore, but your engagment ring is different. Mine is so special because of what it represents that I could never imagine me not loving it or being so proud to wear it just because it has become more popular. 

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Busy bee

There are only so many diamond cuts, so each one is bound to fall into favor once in a while until another favourite comes along!

FWIW, I totally love ovals.  If I were getting engaged now, it would be a really really hard toss up for me between cushion (which is what I have), pear, and oval.

I think you should go with what you love. The only two cuts that I don’t care for are princess and heart, BUT, even those shapes look beautiful to me when set in the right setting! So, if you love ovals, go for it.  I’d spend more energy finding the perfect setting – that’s what will truly make your ring timeless! 


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kelseypeony :  I got an oval for the opposite reason– I think they’re timeless, not trendy. I think halos are trendy and for that reason I don’t like them, but a solitaire in almost any shape is classic in my opinion.

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Busy bee

I’ve honestly never seen one in real life, so I don’t think they’re too trendy or common in real life outside of teh internet.  I also think they are classic.  I hope you find a ring you love!

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Busy bee

I saw an oval today for the first time on a person – it was so beautiful.  I’d guess 2 carat.  She was just passing me pushing her cart, so I only saw it for a few seconds and even then she moved her hand so I didn’t even really catch the setting.  She was an older lady, probably early 70’s.  In a store with “those” incredible lights that make stones sparkle so beautifully.  I almost ran my cart into a shelf!

I love ovals too and will be making that shape my next one.  Do what you love.  Everything comes and goes as to popularity.  Everything.  I remember when my daughter as a teen got bell bottom jeans.  Thought they were so cool.  Cracked me up.  Had to tell her her mama used to wear them in high school!  🙂

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I say get what you want! Who cares if they are trendy now, if it’s something that you truly love then you should get it. I’d recommend trying some on first though and try out other shapes just to have a comparison. 

Good luck!!

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Blushing bee
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I’ve had an oval for 28 years and love it! I hadn’t seen very many people with ovals until recently. I think they are becoming more popular, but I wouldn’t call them trendy. I agree it would be the setting they are in to make them trendy. Go with what you love! ❤️ 

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Haven’t seen an oval IRL. Most of the newly engaged girls I know have round or three stone diamonds.

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Busy bee

I saw an oval IRL for the first time the other day when I was cashing out at Michael’s. It was on the cashier and everywhere her hand went my eyes followed like a cat eyeing a toy. It was gorgeous. It was a three stone, with baguettes and there was an additional diamond at the end of each baguette. I think it was around 2 carats, maybe slightly bigger. Other than that I’ve never seen an oval as far as I can remember, in person. Putting popularity aside, you said you’ve loved it for YEARS. So it’s definitely something you should go with. If I had I do it all over again my current favs are cushion, rounds and ovals in a solitaire. I think they all look timeless. 

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: August 2017

Ovals are beautiful — why not try the “moval” cut too?  I got mine last month and even though have some qualms about the setting (it looks too pointy), I still love how unique the diamond is.  If it were a little smaller, I’d probably put it in a halo to look more contemporary.  I’m now thinking of setting it into a pave band to look MORE trendy 🙂  IMG_6099

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Worker bee

kelseypeony :  I totally get where you’re coming from. I absolutely love ovals and recently sold my 8×6 diamond to upgrade to a slightly larger oval. Now I’m leaning towards getting a pear instead because they are less common. I don’t like having trendy things that everyone else has. It seems like ovals are the “it” cut right now. Like others have said, get whatever you love. For me, it’s not a huge deal to get a pear instead because that’s one of my favorite shapes too. Maybe consider another shape or a design that isn’t so trendy. BUT, if your heart is set on the exact style that is popular right now then just get it. You’re the one that needs to love it. 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2017

I have loved ovals for 10+ years and it’s the only cut that looks good on my hand.  I love that they are classic with a twist and I knew no one that had one.  I hated when they started to pick up popularity over the last few years but I would never have wanted anything else! 

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