Personal dress photo versus model dress photo

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Helper bee

I’ll bite!  I actually don’t mind this one although in most of the other dresses it would have been a he** no!  But the one also happens to be MY DRESS! So i love it on :-)



[attachment=402304,52943] [attachment=402304,52944]

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Honey Beekeeper

My dress is so BLAH on the model. Nothing special. I would have overlooked it. In fact, the lady at the store had to convince me to try it on cuz it was so blah on the rack to! But, it came to life once it was on =].

Needles to say, I’m much curvier than the model =]

[attachment=402311,52945] [attachment=402311,52946]

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Sugar Beekeeper

@ej: i love seeing pix from your wedding day!! you glowed and your smile was infectious!!

@brasty:i love the beaded portion of your dress (and i’m usually not a fan of beading!)

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Bumble Beekeeper

What a fun idea! Here’s mine:

[attachment=402361,52951] [attachment=402361,52952]


(not sure why the model photo is showing up so small…I can’t get it any bigger, haha)

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Blushing bee

Here is the model…..


and on me….. (yep just a few more curves going on here, lol)

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Busy bee

I think it depends on the model. The first time I saw my dress on the model from the designer’s ad, I wasn’t all that impressed. She’s so tall and sickly thin…ew.[attachment=402406,52962]

But then I saw a photo shoot in Elegant Brides magazine, where my dress on the model was absolutely stunning! I fell mady in love with it when I saw this picture. [attachment=402406,52963]

But whereas she’s tall and super thin and graceful, I’m short with curves and tend to fall down a lot.  :)  I figured there was no way in the world that this dress would ever look good on me, without me being at least 6 foot tall.  However, I think it worked for me.  I still don’t know if I look as beautiful as this model, but I did alright. :)

[attachment=402406,52964] [attachment=402406,52968] [attachment=402406,52969]

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Bumble bee

Ok for real everyone, you all look so much better than the models in the dresses. Way to go!

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Honey bee

Everyone looks so much better than the models :o )  I think curves work better in most of these dresses!

I don’t have a picture of myself in my dress on my work computer, but I am definitely curvier than the model and I think the dress looks much better!

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Bee Keeper

Wow! I’m amazed at how much better the dresses look on real people/ y’all… it’s not even comparable! You girls look amazing!

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Sugar bee

Curves so work better in these dresses.  I HATED my dress on the model.  and it made me question whether or not I wanted it anymore.  then Id look at myself in it and be ok again :)   I guess in retrospect it doesnt look THAT bad on the model…maybe its her collarbones jutting out??


@ missomally I still drool over your dress.  Please never sell that, save it for a daughter or soemthing!

[attachment=402450,52978] [attachment=402450,52979]

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Helper bee

It seems like most of the wedding gowns out there are MADE for curvier real women, so you would think they would have more “REAL” looking women model them????  I know, I didn’t really like mine on the model as much as I like it on me!  I just seem to fill it out more or something…maybe someday they’ll have more realistic models but who knows!  Seriously ladies, I have to say we ALL look better in these dresses than the models!

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Bumble bee

Such a great idea–it’s always bothered me that the models they use to sell wedding dresses were all “models.”  I think they should have a variation of shapes and sizes as far as models go. 

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Bumble bee

So the first one is the model, and I would never have picked this dress out for me, but it worked once I tried it on

[attachment=402480,52984] [attachment=402480,52985] [attachment=402480,52986]

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Busy bee

wow the models really do those dresses no justice. you guys looked awesome in them however

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