Pet-PEEVES! Ughhhhhhh

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Helper bee
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Leaving dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is dirty. Drives me NUTS!!!

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Helper bee
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When I’m trying to take 10m at my desk to eat lunch while it’s actually hot and employees continue to come ask for help with something. I don’t bother you while you’re on lunch… give me 15m and perhaps bother my coworker who is 4ft to my left and not eating instead. yell yell yell

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Helper bee

I have many, but today mine is when people stand at the sinks in the bathrooms after washing their hands! They just stand there and chat with a friend or they stare at themselves in the mirror and run their hands through their hair 10 times! Meanwhile I’m standing there behind them waiting to wash my hands! (There are only 3 sinks in the ladies room at work). 

It really irks me that people don’t get out of the way!! 1. You can have your conversation literally ANYWHERE else! And 2. Hate to break it to the ladies that do this, but running your hands through your hair does absolutely NOTHING! You still look the same! Ughhhh

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Helper bee
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I can’t pick just one! 

1. Dirty dishes in the sink if the dishwasher is dirty. Stop being lazy (looking at you FI!)

2. If I can hear you chewing or swallowing or slurping. I get physically angry and have to walk away or turn music on. This is my actual biggest pet peeve in life and has been for years  

3. Fruit flies in the office. Don’t be gross and use your friggin’ recycling bin for your nasty food containers (and then not empty said bin before you leave for vacation). 

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Helper bee

When my husband snores or chews loudly I imagine how I would murder him.

This is more than a pet peeve- it’s torturous.

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Worker bee

MrsCoffeeSnob :  YES.

Several have mentioned, but the dishes one is definitely something that bothers me! The dishwasher is half empty and yes it’s dirty. Why can’t you carry the plate the extra foot and just PUT IT IN? Mostly I deal by just doing it myself; my roommates have admitted that they hate loading the dishwasher (is it really ‘loading’ if it’s the one plate??). I’ve told boyfriend that this sometimes bugs me so that he’s aware, haha.

Haven’t really encountered the fruit fly issue much; we take out our trash frequently and the trashes at work go out nightly. Plus where I work is not very big and I often eat at my desk in our department.

I hate when I can hear my bf chewing!! Swallowing and burping I feel is less in one’s control but dude. Make sure that mouth is 100% closed please! It’s mainly only a problem since we are LDR and the mic of our headsets picks up EVERYTHING. it also makes me worry what HE may be hearing and just too laid back and open to be bothered by/comment on!


I hate a gritty floor. I wear socks at all times.

I am also a little weird about my bed – no dirty feet, no feet at ALL near my pillow, no pets in the bed when I’m sleeping (preferably at all), and definitely no pets at my pillow. Especially butts and feet.

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Helper bee
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bubblescomere :  Omg my husband will do this! I don’t even like going to bed with dishes left in the sink, it’s just gross. But he will put a bowl in the sink that still has cereal and milk in it! Ugh!

I have a lot of pet peeves lol. My number one is rude people. I just don’t understand how some people treat others. My mom was very strict about being respectful and using my manners. I was always told you catch more flies with honey!

We have a newer guy at work and he will come over when I’m in the middle of an appointment with a client and just awkwardly stare at us until I acknowledge him. Evertyime it’s because he can’t find something in the computer, its really getting on my nerves. And he’s a mouth breather so that gets under my skin. I feel bad though because if it isn’t work related he’s very nice.

I have a million pet peeves. I still bartend one night a week so most of them stem from that. If you know you like ranch with your fries then ask when you order, don’t wait until your food comes out because inevitably that’s when I’m busy and have to drop everything for it. People who order 6 different mixed shots at one time (1 washington apple, 3 lemon drops, 2 kamikazes, etc). People who sit at the ONE DIRTY SPOT and then as soon as you go over to clean up and introduce yourself they say “CAN YOU CLEAN THIS UP???”. Asking for more liquor in a drink than it calls for. Pointing at the menu to order. Ugh so many. Why is there so much stupid in the world?

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Sugar bee

People that insist on backing into their parking space even when they see there are folks behind them waiting to get past. It’s like I’m sooooo important you’re all going to wait for me to take as long as I feel like. Ugggghhhh!!!

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Blushing bee
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When people sing or play music before bed, songs get stuck in my head and i literally can’t think of anything else or they play in the background. So annoying.


When someone is tapping something, especially if it’s on the lounge  or bed and it makes the whole thing shake. 


I could go on, I’m easily irritated it seems lol

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Helper bee
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I hate when people are constantly on or checking their phone when I am hanging out and talking to them. I’ve noticed a lot of people compulsively check their phone if someone else does it. My mom is especially bad about it. I’ve learned that when I am out with her if I so much as look at the time on my phone she will whip hers out and start scrolling through Facebook. I’m right here, pay attention to me, not your phone!

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Busy bee
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People who seem to be incapable of parking in the lines. 

HOW 👏🏻 HARD 👏🏻 CAN 👏🏻 IT 👏🏻 POSSIBLY 👏🏻 BE👏🏻

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Busy bee

My coworker who stands in the hallway outside my office and greets people in a sing-songy voice all frickin’ day long. “Hey, Mark. You’re here! Yay, buddy! Yay!” “How’s it goin’ Brandon? Whoo Hoo!!” “Takin’ that lunch outside, Rachel? It’s a beautiful day! Oh yes!! Yeah, yeah.” I am not kidding. It’s like this all the time. I try not to shut my door in a huff, but I’m tempted to. 

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