Pig Roast Reception??

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Sorry, but I cannot see how you can make a pig roast ‘classy’.

Is your wedding being catered? If it is, can’t the actual pig roast be cooked out of sight and the meat then served however your having it (buffet or plated) as that would be much ‘classier’ then having an entire pig cooking in your reception space, IMJO.

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If you don’t eat pig, you shouldn’t have a pig roast at your WEDDING.  I hate pork.  If my fiance suggested this, I would say, “That’s a really great idea, but since I don’t like pork, I don’t want to have a pig roast at our wedding.  Can we think of other foods that we both like?”

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I love the idea of a pig roast reception but i would do it more as a casual thing!

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Why not do kabobs instead ? You can do lamb, chicken, and veggie to accomodate all peoples tastes/diets. 

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@peachacid:  I kind of disagree. This is clearly something the groom wants and is enthused about. I’m sure most grooms aren’t into hot pink and bling, but how many weddings have we seen like that on the Bee? I think it’s refreshing to see the bride actually give a hoot about what the groom wants on his wedding day.

Now, I dunno if I’d say you could have a classy one, but you could certainly have a fun one! I’m a little biased because we’re serving barbeque at our reception, but your wedding should be about things that make the bride AND the groom happy.

I have attended a wedding with a pig roast and it was definitely pretty casual. Outdoors, in a tent, friend as a DJ, etc. But it was the most fun wedding I’ve ever attended. It wasn’t a spectacle. It wasn’t about trying to impress anyone. It was about celebrating the joy and love of two of the most genuine and wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Realy, it’s up to you what your wedding vision is. But don’t buy into all that hooey about how it’s YOUR day. There are two people getting married and it is really awesome that you’re taking his wants into consideration.

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I think a pig roast would be fabulous for a beach wedding! What/where are you having your reception? Is it on a beach? In a park? In a backyard? This might play a small part into how it would look. I think a pig roast would work nicely into a lower budget/casual wedding, where as a pig roast at a nice fancy hotel might not!

Kudos to you for trying to find a compromise for your fiance!

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As a vegetarian I wouldn’t find it very appealing and would probably leave. Meat served up on a plate is a lot easier to handle than seeing an actual whole animal being cooked. Besides of all the meats pork to me smells the worst when cooking.

But it is your FI and your wedding so you get to decide on the menu so if you think most of your guests would enjoy it then do as you please.

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Can the Pig be roasted in advanced and then “plated” on a table wiht the apple in the mouth? In Portuguese weddings its very traditional to find a whole roast pig, but you don’t nessesarily roast it during the wedding. If you did that it probably would make it easier to agree to and up-class the wedding a bit. :)

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One of my favorite weddings I’ve ever been to did a pig roast… it was a little more laid back, but it was the best food ever! I will say it was a little weird to see the whole body there, behind the buffet table, but for roast itself lent such a happy, laid-back vibe and it was some of my favorite wedding food ever (with mac ‘n cheese, garlic mashed potatoes, etc.). I think it’s great your fiance is pushing for it… so many either don’t care or just agree with whatever you sugesst.

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@NikkiChic:  a lot of venues offer a roast pig as part of the cocktail hour in the carving station so I don’t see how it wouldn’t be nice. Have you googled images? I’m sure there are lots…


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A bit of a story:

We are Puerto Rican, my clan is. We are big Pork Eaters in my fam. My brother (RIP 3 years ago tomorrow) had a whole Lechon (Roast Pig) at his wedding,  which was the best party I’ve ever been to! I want one because they are Delicious and there is something so great about a whole Lechon, spinning, apple in the mouth. Mouth watering. Hypnotizing!

But….my FIs fam doesnt eat pork so my mom will make PerniI instead. 

I love Pig!

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My best friend is doing a pig roast for her wedding.  Its very casual…in a barn, bluegrass band, wildflowers, that sort of thing.  Its completely opposite to my black tie wedding but I think its very them and should be fun.

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