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You do know this is your wedding and not your mothers right? If you are unhappy then talk to your FI and see if things can be scaled down to where you are BOTH happy! This is your day! It should be what you want

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I’m sorry :( maybe just pick one. They want you to be excited! Can you just look at the options and pick any random one? You don’t even really have to look. Maybe if you have just 3 options presented to you, you can randomly just pick one and not be so stressed. Most people do find this exciting and when someone doesn’t its very confusing. I think your mom just doesn’t want to completely take over. Is there anything that you do want or care about? Talk about those parts with your mom and for the other things, just say ‘oh, I’m not so picky, as long as they are purple that’s fine with me!’. Maybe you could also go to pintrest and simply Repin all of someone’s wedding board to one of your own and show it to your mom, and seend it to your mom. Also, talk to your FI again if this is really making you unhappy.

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It is an exhausting process. I am leaving some planning to friends and family who LOVE to do stuff. Just take time for yourself hun and try to delegate where you can…xxx

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Oh, I completely understand! I’m not in the country where the wedding is taking place (I work abroad and so does my FI), so I don’t really have time to plan. EVERYONE keeps asking me how wedding planning is going, and what I’m gonna wear, and what make-up artist I’m gonna use, and what colour theme, and favours, and blah blah blah…

Sigh. I totally feel you when you say you would rather not have a wedding. If I had it my way, I would never have a big reception.

Know that you’re not the only one, and it’s totally okay to feel this way! :) It’s good to delegate things to people who actually love doing this stuff (in my case, my FI’s SIL). It’s still stressful though because at the end of the day, it’s our wedding and not theirs, so we still need to take the reins on some of the decision-making. :(

Hope everything works out smoothly!

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