Please help me pick a Save the Date!!!

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    Helper bee

    I think you need much bigger margins. It isn’t really pleasing to my eye to read text so close to the edges. I like any of the font options.

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    Helper bee

    I agree with babymakes3…and there is TOO much info on the STD. Really all you need is the when and where so that they can plan ahead. You don’t need to give the the schedule of events. That can come later with the invite when you have more room to play with.

    P.s.. I love the front photo!

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    Blushing bee

    I think it’s super cute, but honestly I’m not sure I would have gotten the scrabble letters if I were not eyeball deep in wedding land right now.

    When you look at it, the words are not in a logical order, and you have to search for them — the way the eye naturall travels, it looks like it says “And Jen David Date the Save” haha. Maybe make Jen and David at the top, and Save the Date more clearly spelled out a bit below?

    I just think most people aren’t immediately looking for something that says “save the date” so it might take some real effort for them to see what it says, and it’s too cute for people to miss!

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    Buzzing bee

    @JenGirl:  you only need details like that on the wedding invitation! For the save the date, I think all you need is the cute picture of you two and the date, and say formal invitation to follow. 

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    Busy bee

    @sleepyhead22:  +1, and don’t forget the city.

    you can also have the details on the wedding website so OOT guests know where to stay. 

    You’ve done a great job so far, I think they are really close! I might try changing up the general font too, it is a little plain to me.

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    Helper bee

    I think k you could have less information, but still make sure no one is confused about dates. I’d remove all the locations from the STD and put that on the site. So its more

    Saturday welcome dinner

    Sunday wedding and reception

    Monday farewell brunch

    And I would increase the font a bit

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    Busy bee

    @JenGirl:  I think the photo is super cute, but I will +1 what @MattieK:  said. The Scrabble letters are kind of a hunt and peck to get it right. Not sure if that’s a big deal though.

    I am getting married Columbus Day weekend, and we worded our STD’s as such: 

    “Our wedding celebration will be over Columbus Day weekend! Please visit our wesbite for the complete schedule and mark your calendars for 10.12.13 for our ceremony and reception.”

    That way you can take some of that info off, and make it easier to read. I don’t think there is enough white space. 

    Also, since you asked, I’m not in love with any of those fonts. Have you searched DaFont? They have 2 (free!) fonts that are Scrabble letters! And then maybe something basic, but still different (like this one) for the information.

    I’m kind of obsessed with fonts.

    I think your idea is super cute!!!

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    Helper bee

    @JenGirl:  Make sure you leave room at the top and the bottom for the location stamp and the barcode. If the website address is that close to the bottom it will be covered by the barcode.

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