Possible bridesmaid dress? I need your opinions please

posted 1 year ago in Bridesmaids
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    Blushing bee

    Certainly! These dresses would look adorable paired with a cute pair of boots.

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    Buzzing bee

    While I DO like the color, and the price is amazing, Forever 21′s quality can vary.  I understand that people may only wear a BM dress once, but some things from Forever 21 I’ve gotten have started falling apart within the 15 minutes I started wearing it.  Literally.  I am also not a fan of how loose the dress is, I think a little structure would be nice.

    I do agree the color is gorgeous though, and I love the tie back and collar detailing, just not crazy about the lack of structure and skeptical of Forever 21′s quality.  Good luck!

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    I agree with @pearberry regarding both the shape and quality. I have a cardigan I bought at F21 a few weeks ago and it was ripped the first time I wore it. And while the color of the dress is beautiful, I don’t think the shape will be flattering on anyone. As a bridesmaid, I’d personally prefer to wear a dress that flatters even if it costs a little bit more.


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    I would absolutely despise these if I were a bridesmaid… I’m sorry =/ I mean, it looks like a sac and it’s not even flattering on a model… Plus the detail on the hem isn’t country looking at all. I’d GLADLY pay more money to wear something more flattering on me

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    Not a fan.  Like PP said, it’s not even flattering on the model!

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    Sorry, but my first thought on it was that I thought it was sleepwear. 


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    @Cory_loves_this_girl:   It’s extremely frumpy! Please don’t make them wear it. It doesn’t need to contrast your dress in shape. It will be short and a different color and just completely un-bridesy. I didn’t even consider them “contrasting” my dress when I picked out my bridesmaid dresses. Any other dress is clearly not a wedding dress, and they should feel pretty too. =/ I hate when brides try to put their maids in ugly dresses to try and make themselves look better. It’s just mean. I’m not sure if that’s your motive or not; I’m just saying… lol

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    Sorry I have to agree with PP. It’s shapeless and unflattering :/

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    It definitely has slip qualities, and is more suited for a night on the town. I think with boots, you need a dress with a little more structure, or at least a defined waistline…boots have tendency to make people look stockier,  so at least give them some shape!

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    In a different color it might not be so sleepwearish, but with your color choice you’re going to need more structure.

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