Post your ring AND your dress (even if you don't have one yet)!

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Bumble bee

Oh dear. I have no idea how to resize things on here….after all these months.

Anyway. I don’t really have a theme for my wedding. My color is red, with black and ivory as well. My wedding will be more of a fancy & delicious dinner party, with a few DIY projects here and there. Being a small wedding, I really am going to be able to spoil my guests.

My own personal style is romantic and girly and I love lace!

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Honey bee

My dress:


and my ring:



I’m definitely into classic styles. But I like a subtle little twist. Like my dress is secretly sparkly and my stone is a Moissy. 

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Buzzing bee

OOH fun!  :)  I’m engaged, so I only have a picture of me in the sample:

My e-ring:


I LOVE the vintage look.  My dress, I think, has a very classic, vintage look.  My e-ring (and my wedding band, pics below) are antiques from the 1920s (e-ring) and 1910s (wedding band).

EDIT: My wedding will have a vintage feel to it.  It will be at a vineyard with this beautiful almost barn-like (but not a barn) building.  The ceremony is outside, the reception is in this beautiful barrell room :)

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Helper bee

My set:

A better picture of my e-ring:

And, my dress:

One more, since the train wasn’t down in the first picture:


I would say my style is definitely romantic and is definitely NOT blingy or sexy or stylish. DH proposed with a very modern ring (IMO it’s modern-very clean lines and tension set stones. I absolutely love it though!) and I paired it with a vintage inspired band to give the whole set a sweeter, romantic look. I think my style shows through both my ring and my dress!


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Honey bee

They both reflect my offbeat, quirky style! The theme of my wedding is “Stuff FI and I like”!

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Helper bee

Here’s my dress:

My rings:

I really have no idea what my personal style even is.  I always knew I wanted a big ballgown, and a heart shaped ring.  :)

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Helper bee

My ring: 

And my dress (NOT ME)


I like to stand out and be different. I love blinged out things and over the top stuff. My wedding will be a a white winter wonderland :}

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Busy bee

This is SO fun!  Both my ring and dress were custom made so they are definitely ME!

Both definitely have vintage and modern elements I love.


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Blushing bee

Oo I’ll play! :D My ring was custom made designed by my fiance with some help ;) and my dress is Allure couture 229! yes, I love bling! :D we didn’t really have a wedding theme. we like classic elegance (and bling!) so we just went with whatever fit our venue and looked pretty to us :)  


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