Pregnancy in 30s

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although i had infertility issues and need IVF to get pregnant, my pregnancy itself was easy and healthy.  i was pregnant for the first time at 34 and am now pregnant again at 35, i will give birth at 36.

i am more tired this time, but i also have a 13m old to chase after. 

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We had DD at 31 and I will give birth to second baby at 33. I really don’t have anything to compare it to. I did have a miscarriage but I don’t believe it was age related. I will say having the right partner makes it easy.

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I had my daughter just before I turned 32- not sure if that is old enough to be relevant to the conversation or not.  But anyway, my story: We got pregnant the first time trying, the month after our wedding.  However, the pregnancy was not viable and I had to have a D&C for a missed miscarriage.  No known reason for the miscarriage.  At the doctor’s suggestion, we waited one full cycle before trying again.  Got pregnant the first month trying again.  This time, the pregnancy was healthy and my daughter was born later that year.  As far as problems with the pregnancy, my blood pressure started to do weird things near the end, but not enough for them to diagnose me with anything.  My daughter was born on the small side (5th percentile), and they kept saying “maybe you had undiagnosed gestational hypertension or preeclampsia.”  So maybe I did, maybe I didn’t, who knows.  I did not have any morning sickness or stretch marks or things like that.  I did get pretty swollen near the end, but then again it was the 2nd hottest summer ever in my area.  I will tell you it is *much* easier to fail fetal health screenings in your 30s.  They kept telling me my baby failed the screenings and might have a chromosome disorder etc, but it turned out she did not have any such thing.  They calculate your odds with a significantly higher baseline risk in your 30s, and ever more so over 35.  Where I live, being over 35 will automatically qualify you for better screenings though (like NIPT), which you otherwise only get covered if you fail the normal screenings.  Also, my daughter was delivered vaginally at 39 weeks 4 days, after an induction due to labor not progressing after my water broke.

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ANyone who’s been on these boards for more than 5 minutes probably knows my story. Had DD at 39 and DS at 41. I did have 2 miscarriages, one before each kid, that were likely related to age and egg quality (likely chromosomal issues). I did have low progesterone and went on supplements after my first miscarriage. 

I had gestational hypertension with DD but was just monitored, didn’t require treatment. No health problems for me with DS. Both were early – my water broke with DD at 36+4 so she is technically a preemie (although was perfectly fine and didnt’ need NICU or anything). DS was born at 38 weeks. Both were vaginal deliveries. 

Both kiddos had jaundice and had to be under the blue lights. That is because of my blood type though and not related to age. 

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No body knows until you start trying I guess 

I’d never had any health problems. We met later in life and started ttc after we got married last summer. Got pregnant on 4th cycle and baby due soon just before my 40th birthday. 

I’m in the uk and there isn’t such a culture of testing etc prior to ttc. It’s more a case of get on with it and they’ll do some investigations if nothing happens in a year. 

I’ve never smoked, have vegetarian diet, excercised regularly and we both took pre conception vitiamins for about 6 months before our wedding and ttc. These things may have helped but who knows?

i read ‘taking charge of your fertility’ and used an app and ovulation sticks for a few months before ttc really just to check I was ovulating regularly and to make sure we were on track. 

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krm1984 :  other than the progesterone supplements, I didn’t have any other fetility help. I did temp and use OPK’s as soon as I stopped birth control to maximize our chances each month as well as give the doctor that information if we did have trouble conceiving. 

Like pp mentioned, you never know until you try. I had no issues at 38+. I have a friend who needed IVF (and had triplets) at 26. So age is just a small piece of the fertility puzzle

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Bumble bee

I went off the pill when I was 35, thinking it would take a while to conceive, and got pregnant that first cycle!  Never even had a single period off the pill, and delivered a healthy baby boy right before I turned 36.  I know I may be just lucky, but it was a flawless, easy pregnany and didn’t seem at all impacted by my age.  The only difference is that they did a few extra tests to make sure things were ok.  Good luck!

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We started ttc when I was 30, I got pregnant third cycle but had a mc. Tried again for over two years and was about to go to iui before I got pregnant with my son. My pregnancy was pretty smooth. I’m hoping to start ttc after my son turns one and hopefully it doesn’t take as long this time!

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I gave birth at 33. I had gestational diabetes, but that’s not necessarily an age thing. Other than that I had a good pregnancy. Recovery was fine as well. No stress overall. But really you won’t know until you try to get pregnant what will happen for you.

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krm1984 :  You never know if you’ll have trouble until you start. We started trying when I was 29 and my testing showed I had tons of eggs, clear tubes, and everything looked good exept for the occasional irregular ovulation (which my doctor said we might have never known about if my husband didn’t have issues). We needed IVF to get pregnant because we had male factor infertility and I’m 32 and currently 31 weeks pregnant. Fertility treatment kind of sucks, but totally worth it in the end. I’ve had a fairly easy pregnancy though! Exhaustion was been my biggest problem, but no morning sickness and very little nausea. I am still fairly active although I’m slowing down now as I approach the end. 

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Pregnant right now at 31 and due in just over a month. No issues related to age. I have a connective tissue disorder which puts me at risk for early delivery and fast labours (which sounds great but can be less than ideal sometimes!). We got pregnant on our first try, so I hope we have similar success with future pregnancies. My mom, aunt, and grandma all had the same luck, so we are all quite grateful.

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We started TTC when I was 33. Got pregnant the second cycle and had DS when I was 34. I’m 35 now and don’t think I’ll be ready to TTC #2 for another year. So I hope we don’t have issues. 

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I had all three of my children in my 30s without intervention and while I had some bumps–preterm labor/bed rest, an emergency C–I don’t believe they were age-related. Most of my friends had their children in their early to mid-30s, with and without assistance. One of my closest friends married at 35 and had her children at 36, 38 and 40. So, definitely possible. 

Everyone is different and no matter what is or isn’t working for anyone else you will carve out your own story. If you are really worried you can get tested. 

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