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@marzipanda:  Our wedding is about 50 people, super short ceremony, and the only reason I’m doing programs is because I have scraps left over from making my invites.  We put our wedding party, basic run down of the ceremony, our thank you page and at the end I put some bride and groom trivia to entertain our guests.

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I did them, and then forgot them at home on the day.  Nobody missed them, so I’d say if you’re having a straightforward ceremony it’s not a big deal to pass them up.

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You really don’t need them.

We are having them, just because we are having a long church ceremony, and a lot of our guests aren’t that religion, so it is more so they can follow along and know what is going on.

For you, they won’t be missed, one less thing you need to do!

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You don’t NEED to have them, especially for a short ceremony. I do however like having a program either way at weddings. But I’m just a sucker for paper-goods :)

What we’re including in our programs:

1. order of ceremony (including listing of songs, readings, etc)

2. names of parents, grandparents + bridal party members

3. thank yous (to parents/friends, to all guests for sharing our day + an ‘in memory of’ thank you)


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We skipped them.  Our ceremony was short, sweet, and to the point.  We didn’t have any readings or extra things, so it wasn’t necessary to have programs.

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@marzipanda:  I had a DW in St Thomas and my programs were actually fans so thry kept guest nice and cool!

Mine didn’t have your typical program stuff on it just a letter to friends and family thanking them. I just sat them on each chair and that way they had fans if they got hot…..very handy for a caribbean wedding!

I wouldn’t stress over it….completely fine if you choose not to do them!

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