PSA: Calling all full-figured brides

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Oooh, beautiful!!!!!!!! :) Great words of encouragement too, that I think we all need to hear once in a while! 

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you’re awesome, thank you for posting this! Btw you look amazing in that dress!

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You look great! I applaud you for such a wonderful post. I too believe there is a dress for everyone. Thanks for the small reminder to us all, including myself. I’m down 20lbs and obessed with loosing more and can’t seem to be happy in a dress because I’m so determined to loose more. THANKS A MILLION!

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@MrsPeterson86:  you look beautiful in your dress i also am a size 16-18 in wedding dresses my chest is a size 38DDD im going for more form fitted dresses they seem to be more flattering on me


heres another i dident like the top

both dresses are mori lee by julietta


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Your dress is amazing!!!!! :D  Great words as well spoken with pride :D  Thats exactly how i think us full figured ladies should feel all the time :D  I love the way i am and thats how its going to be :D lol We work it ! :D

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You look great!!!  and I compleatly agree with everything you just said. I have been a big girl all my life, always thought I was ugly and tried to cover myself up, even wore sweatshirts in summer to hide my arms. In az thats not so fun 105+ weather. I always thought no one would think I was beautiful or love me. went threw depression in my younger years. It wasnt until the last year of highschool I started to like myself.

I think I have made a great turn around from then to now! I love all of me and my man does too. thats all that really matters anyway. Im confident and know I can rock anything I want :)

here is me in my beauty. Im a size 24 (Its too big right now, not fitted yet)


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