Puppies and potty training ….help!

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Kelly_mac:  your puppy is still VERY young. At this point, he won’t ask to go outside. If he’s not in the crate, you need to be taking him outside every 45 minutes-1 hour, whether you think he has to go or not. This will give him ample opportunity to go, and will keep things consistent and teach him that outside is the appropriate place to go. My puppy is 10 months old and is doing amazing, but it’s a process and we still deal with accidents if we aren’t consistent. 

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Are you taking her out the same door every time to the same spot? Our puppy is a 15 weeks and has the potty training almost down (except at night, we are now regressing 🙁 ) and we always go out the same door. It’s also important that the puppy knows the difference between play time and potty time. Are you using a command like potty when you go outside? And are you leashing her when you go out?

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Yes some praise and a treat when she potty’s outside would probably help. And as a PP said, making sure she goes out every 45 minutes and gets praise for going even if she’s not showing the need to go. Puppy’s aren’t always that good at knowing they have to go before they have to go NOW, just like kids, and training her to go out frequently will help establish that she needs to go outside to go.

If you have to open the door, some people find success with hanging a bell from the handle that they ring. I”m not sure why but it tends to work.

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It will take some time. Just stick with it for now and she’ll eventually get it. What kind of breed is she? Some are more difficult to train than others. My parent’s dog is exceptionally stupid (love him, but gosh is he dumb) and it took him about 6 months to be fully trained.

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Kelly_mac:  We were told to go completely over-board on the praise with any training, but especially potty training. Let her know that she is doing the right thing and you are pleased with her. We weaned off the treats pretty quick for potty, but I still praise here and there because we want to reinforce things. Repetition is the best thing you can do. 

Every dog is different but if you keep at it, she’ll pick it up. 

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Kelly_mac:  Prevention is the best medicine. Our puppy is 8 months old and he was pretty housebroken by 4-5 months. When he was younger, we would take him out every hour, after a nap, and after a play session. With a puppy this young, there’s really no time between “Hmm I have to pee” and “hey, I’m peeing!” You just need to be diligent about taking him out constantly and never letting him out of your sight.

And, if you aren’t already, be sure to clean up any messes with an odor neutralizer like Nature’s Miracle. If a spot smells like pee to him, he’s going to think that is his pee spot.

Congrats on your new puppy! Enjoy it – puppyhood is wonderful and (thankfully!) short. 🙂

Also, if you need a great puppy book, check out this one: http://www.amazon.com/My-Smart-Puppy-Effective-Training/dp/044657886X. We found it incredibly helpful.

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commenting to follow…

i don’t really have any advice because i’m right there with you! our puppy is only 9 weeks old and she’s half corgi/half pomeranian and i hear that smaller breeds are harder to train, so we still have a long ways to go. i like to think we’re making progress, but it might just be wishful thinking, haha. my childhood dogs were mostly outside dogs, so we didn’t really have to worry about crate/potty training, so this has definitely been a challenge.

anyways, good luck! you can do it!

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I would recommend praising the crap out of her whenever she goes.  Get some really great treats and then go crazy when she goes to he bathroom!  Also, what really worked for us was just taking the new puppy out every hourish when we were home, and not coming back in until he went.  Also, going outside immediately after we saw him drinking or after one of his meal times (pups usually go right after waking up and right after eating/drinking).  What we also did that really helped us was attached a strip of fabric that had bells on it to the door leading to outside.  Whenever we went out with him, we would ring the strip.  After a few weeks, he understood that ringing the bells meant that he could go out to go to the bathroom.

The bell trick has been amazing for us – no paws or clawing at the door, no whining, just a gentle ringing. 


We have used these methods for 3 puppies now!

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 So the good thing is that she won’t potty in the crate. That means she gets the concept. It’s just untraining what the stupid breeder did. 

As soon as you take her out of the crate, bring her outside. Walk around with her, and as soon as she goes, get ridiculous with the praise. You’ll feel like a crazy person, and that’s ok. If she is food motivated, give her a little treat too. She’ll figure out very quickly that going outside = good things. Every time you think she might possibly have to go, take her out. If she doesn’t go, that’s ok. Just take her out again in a half hour.

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I just went through potty training with my pup in the fall. The breeder kept her until 11 weeks as well and hadn’t begun any potty training. We used bells on the door and taught her to ring them when she had to go potty. If she rang them and didn’t potty, she would go back in the crate for a little bit until she had to potty to teach her the bells are only for ringing when she has to potty. And we also picked her up and took her outside when she was really young to ensure she made it outside in time. We took her out every hour. Around 5 months, the accidents stopped for the most part. Had an occasional one up until seven months and none since.

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