Reception tables

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Bumble bee

I think you need a pop of color. You have all the pieces … but I agree, it looks like something is missing. My first thought was color!

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@msales:  Could the petals be colored?  That way they “pop” more.  Also, add some type of colored bow/ribbon to the lantern.  Lastly, have you thought about turning the lantern, so it’s not perfectly straight/symmetrical?  I think that would look nicer.  

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For me, it’s height.. everything seems very low to the table. I like centerpieces that have that skyscraper effect, something large, with smaller things around it. Maybe you can add some boost with risers, cake stands, or other types of stands. Or maybe some type of light effect. I’m not sure. It seems very bland.

And I agree with pp’s : Needs some color.


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Bumble bee

I think maybe a bigger candle in the lantern, and maybe some colored ribbon tied to the top.  Finally, some whole flowers scattered among the petals.

I second needing some color

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Honey Beekeeper

Bring the candles closer to the centerpiece so that you have some flow down from the lantern to the table, then maybe add some smaller candles to the ends of the tables.

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