Salon offers waxing deals for girls under 15…..

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@MrsJoyful80:  I found the photo of the ad a little…Idk. Not quite shocking or disturbing but, surprising? I guess that’s the word. That girl looks all of 10 years old so to picture her getting waxed is weird to me.

I think there should be an age and body limit – like maybe ages 12-15 and only on legs and underarms. When I was that age, I used to sneak my dad’s razor to shave my legs so to me it’s more understandable that a younger girl would want to be a little more grown up and like Mom. But to let them choose which body parts, including areas like eyebrows or upper lips – I’d be worried about the beauty stigma attached to it. Girls that young are really impressionable and vulnerable and I just don’t like the idea of a little girl analyzing the peach fuzz above her lip.

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If this was my daughter, no, absolutely not.

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I think this is totally fine.  15 year old girls do have unwanted hair that they remove by shaving, tweezing, etc so why not wax it off?  When I was 15 I was shaving my legs regularly and my bikini line for swimsuit season. I would get razon burn on my bikini line and I hated it.  Looking back I don’t know why I didn’t wax it instead.  I was also waxing and tweezing my eye brows and I had a few middle eastern friends who had to wax their upper lip and lower back because they had dark hair there.

So I guess I have no problem with this.  I doubt a 15 year old’s parent would consent to a full blown brazillian wax, (which would be the only service I would find inappropriate.).

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I don’t particularly like the ad, nor the reasoning behind it.  I was getting my legs sugared at a young age though.  I was shaving my underarms starting around 10-11.  I was getting bullied for the amount of body hair that I had.  If you’re a swimmer or dancer or gymnast there is a strong desire to remove hair along the bikini line.  Why should girls not be able to choose the method of hair removal?


@Meowkers:  I agree a full brazillian at that age would be too much.

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Some girls are really hairy!  Even at a young age.  It depends on the service they wanted.

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@Meowkers:  Agree with everything you said here.

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