Sensitive subject: have you miscarried? How much did you bleed?

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I’m so sorry for your friend and I’ll answer even though I’m not sure itd apply but I had a miscarriage at 19 weeks. Right before it happened I bled more than usual. Before it would be only a bit after intercourse and this time it was more like a period- sorry if tmi. I , stupidly, thought it was normal at the time and miscarried that same night, though from what I hear women that miscarry have to oh to the hospital for a d&c, I think? 

Eta the reason I wasn’t sure my situation would apply was because I didn’t know I miscarried until it actually happened..

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For me at least, it wasn’t just bleeding like a period, there was no mistaking it as a period vs miscarriage because of all the (enormous) clots. Sorry if that’s tmi. If she wasn’t far along though that may be different. I was 8weeks. also, pregnancytests were still positive for me after 3 solid weeks of bleeding and passing tissue (incomplete miscarriage) so i finally had a d&c. Even right after though preg tests were still positive. 


Is she going to the doctor for Bloodwork or Ultrasounds? 


ETA: its nice how supportive you are being for her. 

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She might have experienced a chemical pregnancy which is a very early pregnancy loss… The bleeding could be anywhere from a typical period to heavier with more severe cramps. It really just depends on how far along she was.  I didn’t bleed for either of my miscarriages. The only signs of something going wrong was no heartbeats on ultrasound so I needed D&C’s both times.  If she continues to test positive or if her bleeding/cramping continues she should see a doctor ASAP.   I’m sorry for her loss 🙁 no matter how early a loss, it’s stil a pain that no woman can prepare for. She’s lucky to have your support! 

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I had a chemical pregnancy in April 2012. For me it was a super super heavy period but with more clots and cramps. I went to see my GP who confirmed it was a chemical pregnancy. 

Also for me it differed from a normal period as it did not start out light then gradually get heavy i went from no bleeding to very heavy bleeding in the middle of the store. 

So sorry for your friends loss. 

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@jwdesiree:  I’m at the tail end of a miscarriage. 

I was only a few weeks along and didn’t know I was pregnant. I also have an IUD. When I first started bleeding, it went from spotting to what seemed like black tar. When the cramping/contractions started, I bled profusely. There was lots of material. I bled for about 3 days total and I’ve been spotting for two days.

A doctor confirmed the pregnancy.

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@jwdesiree:  I had two miscarriages one at 9 weeks and one at 5 weeks.

The one at 5 weeks was just like a heavy period, it only lasted 4 days and apart from a few large clots it was relatively light bleeding for a miscarriage, there was no pain either. 

The miscarriage at 9 weeks was horrendous, i had contractions and i bled for 3 weeks, there were very large clots that would fall out of me without any notice, i soaked through pads in 20 minutes and felt very dizzy the whole time. It is something i wouldnt wish on anybody. 

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I know it’s a little different, but when I was younger I was going through a rough breakup and found out I was pregnant (confirmed by home tests and bold tests). It was a hard decision, but I ended up having an abortion (medical) and I think I was only about 5.5-6 weeks and it was like a heavy period that lasted a few days and then became lighter and tapered off after about a week. I know I will probably catch a lot of flak for this, so please don’t make me feel bad.  I was in a bad place and now I’m engaged to someone I want to have kids with. I just wanted to pipe in because I think it can be different for everyone. Some people bleed for weeks but for me it was about a week and the heavy bleeding was over in a few days.

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I had a miscarriage in college. Like some other PPs, I didn’t even know I was pregnant until it happened. I was very lightly spotting for almost two weeks, which is why I got concerned in the first place. I did some independent research online and figured out I might be pregnant. I took a test and it was positive, so I went to the doctor to confirm/ figure out what was going on. At that point, I assumed I was having a miscarriage and I was right. The doctor estimated I was probably only 4 weeks or so when I started to miscarry and so, that’s why I didn’t bleed much (although the length of bleeding was annoying). I didn’t need a D&C or anything because the miscarriage occurred so early on.

Even though I was young and it wasn’t something I wanted in the least, dealing with the miscarriage was hard. I felt responsible, since I didn’t know I was pregnant and wasn’t taking care of myself in the best way possible (aka drinking alcohol). My now-FI (then SO) was so incredibly supportive throughout all of it, despite being terrified himself. Continue to support your friend and let her know you’re there for her!

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