September POAS Part 2

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Helper bee

Holy cow! Not only did AF show up but it’s the worst I ever had. More bleeding and horrible cramps. Is this normal, does your flow change when ttc? Or am I crazy..

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I’m such an idiot.  I accidentally took an ovulation test this morning instead of preg.  Will test when I get off work if AF still hasn’t showed up.

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I’m so excited for my first POAS roll call! I feel like the TWW will be a breeze compared to waiting to ovulate for the first time (spoiler: I did!).


Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD20, 2DPO

Ovulation Date: 9/10, CD18

POAS Date: 9/22!

Cycles Trying: 1

BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): BD EOD during FW

Link to Chart, if any:

What is your favorite thing about Fall? Going to the pumpkin patch of a slightly warm, sunny day and picking our pumpkin. Also, getting to break out my scarves and favorite boots. But generally, fall depresses me because winter is right around the corner.

I’m shooting a wedding tomorrow, I’ll be a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding next Saturday, then the Monday after that is my POAS day (unless I have crazy symptoms before that, which knowing my body, I don’t expect). It doesn’t seem too far away. Hopefully I can keep telling myself that over the next 10 days 🙂

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Helper bee

Ellie85:  Yeah, I guess that is possible… Ugh. 

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Ellie85:  there was a 2nd line, but not as dark as control line

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Helper bee

Ellie85:  Thank you for sharing that. I’ll try testing next week and see what it says. I guess it would be good to know, but yeah it will be difficult at the same time. I hope it’s just an unusual month and not a chemical pregnancy. Thanks again!

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Bumble bee

Ellie85:  I peed on like 14 sticks. I couldn’t control myself. (Okay, not 14.)<br /><br />Last night after getting home I used a FRER. Didn’t see anything. First time with a FRER, so I just stuck it into a drawer.

Came home a few hours later and looked at the FRER again and there’s a line. Super faint, but a line. Late last night I used two Wondfos because maybe the FRER line is an EVAP since I didn’t see it until later. Two Wondfos (from different batches), both with incredibly faint but present lines. Similar to the test I posted yesterday. <br /><br />I slept for six-ish hours before temping and getting up. My temp dropped a bit but is still well over the coverline. I also slept half unconvered and the overnight temperature here was like 45 degrees so, needless to say, I was chilly. <br /><br />Tested with a wondfo and FRER this morning and again, a super faint line. The Wondfo line was more visible right away than the line yesterday was. The FRER was still really really faint. <br /><br />And about an hour ago I used another Wondfo. Line shows up within 5 minutes but is incredibly faint. <br /><br />Seven tests, seven faint lines. One or two lines that I didn’t notice until after the five minute mark. Five that had a line within the five minute mark. <br /><br />SO. There’s something there. Seven tests can’t all be wrong so I feel pretty confident that we conceived something. Whether or not it’s sticky and the lines are going to get darker and I just caught it SUPER early? Or possibly it’s just chemical and the faint lines are because of that? I’m not sure. <br /><br />My other symptoms haven’t changed at all so I have my fingers crossed that my temps stay up and eventually that line gets darker. If not, I’ve had a really good first cycle and everything seems to be working like it should! I’m delighted to have ovulated, gotten to at least 10DPO and to know DHs swimmers appear to be in top form so I’m focusing on that right now and trying not to stress too much about what the faint lines mean!

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Hi ladies! Looks I’m still in this month – all my hormone levels came back normal. I have tests on CD21 to see if I O’d – so I should know by then if I have a chance or not!

FX that this my cycle – if not, I have to do another type of sonogram and start Clomid.

I feel like babies are everywhere! One of my coworkers brought in her new baby to visit yesterday, another coworker is due in November, and another one just told me she’s expecting in January. I’m happy for all of them, but I can’t help wishing I could say “me too”!

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Chloeeee:  I know you didn’t take BC but my first two cycles off BC (1st two cycles trying)  were awful, major PMS/nausea/vomiting/sore boobs/cramping. The third was still not great but not as bad. I always had horrible periods before BC but it had been years since I took a break from it. FX you get your BFP next cycle and only have to do this once. 

Ellie85:  yeah I’m excited to go squish that baby boy! DH and I went shopping for him last month and got some cute tiny Batman onesies (mama to be wanted 0-3 cause she didn’t get any at her shower). My friend is awesome, she had a MC along the way before her rainbow baby and did the whole charting thing and just last week we had a great convo about how hard it is. It’s nice that she is sympathetic. She knows I am thrilled for her but understands my challenges, too. She’s a great friend! 

LadyBear:  I hear ya! 

jammer62:  yay for your first TTC! Wishing you beginners luck and baby dust!

artichokey:  fx those lines darken up and that you just caught it super early!

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