Share an office with someone you don't get along with? I do.

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I worked with a group of women who regularly excluded me from every activity they did — lunch, meetings, outside of work get-togethers — because I wasn’t religious.  It was awful, but I just silently dealt with it.  Eventually I moved my office.  My situation was different, though, because while I did some work in the office I was mostly out of it working with kids.  

I would say…ignore her.  You don’t have to be friends with your coworkers, especially ones who are super negative.  

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She needs to grow up. Seriously – there are far more important things to waste energy getting upset about!

I would just be cordial with her and nothing more. Is there any way you can get moved?

I work in a large office where everyone is in cubes. But fortunately, everyone is fantastic! For the first time EVER, I love everyone around me.

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Oh I can SO relate. I shared a space with a coworker who I absolutely despised. He thought he was the absolute shit, and was such a pretentious know-it-all brownnosing douchebag. I pretty much just ignored him and spoke as little as possible to him. I avoided going to the field when he was, so we didn’t have to drive together. He tried to steal credit and undermine me whenever possible so I returned the favor. I basically just tried to avoid him as much as possible because I knew one day I would snap and murder him. Probably a bad career move!

I nearly exploded with happiness and had to contain my giddy smile in the meeting where he announced that he was switching to another team that Friday. Best week of my life… 

So I know how much it sucks to hate a coworker. It’s tough… I don have much advice other than to sympathize with you! 

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I can’t believe she still has a job! Sorry you’re going through this. 

You’re already doing well by focusing on the great best friend you have, just keep focusing on all the positive and ignore her drama fest. Sounds like she just wants attention.

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Girl yes. I have two coworkers who drive me up the fucking WALL every day, but I was able to successfully petition my boss to get my own desk in a private room instead of sitting at the nurses station thanks to my GAD. Yay, the only thing that GAD has positively accomplished for me!

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@MsCaptainCanada:  I work in a small office, only 6 of us. 5 of the 6 are women and the one guy is the husband of one of the women. I swear it is like high school. I am the youngest of the bunch and I feel like I have more maturity than all of them together. Everyone talks bad about everyone else and I just sit there and listen. I am not use to this enviornment at all. I HATED high school!

The husband and wife is just a bad idea anyway but they will fondle and kiss eachother while we are working. I hate walking into their office because I feel like I’m interrupting something. The wife is a rude, self-centered wench. She will cut people off in the middle of their sentence and if you are talking about something other than her or her life, prepare for the attitude. They also gang up on people, if one has a problem with someone, the other will join in.

It is just awful and I am counting the days to when DH and I are moving out of state. Only a month and a half!

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Are you me?

I work with a moron of a coworker who is 60 but acts like she’s 20. She’s only here because my boss has never fired anyone, ever. She’s technically the bookkeeper and November hasn’t even been closed out yet because all she does is mess around on Facebook, Pogo, and Candy Crush. I’ve somehow managed to work next to this lady for nearly 9 years without killing her. Whenever the boss asks her to do something because she catches her f’n around, she gets super defensive and acts like a spoiled teenager asked to make their bed. Then will do her work for about 5 minutes and then suddenly have to tell me about one of her 4 standard poodles. She’s absolutely ridiculous and no one in our small office can stand her.

I could go onnn and onnnn about this crazy lady.

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@MsCaptainCanada:  after 18 years of working in an office setting, I can honestly say that the best thing to do is NOT be friends with people at work.  You never know what can happen, and the tiniest misunderstanding could cost you your job.  Certainly be nice and participate in work functions in and out of the office, but nothing more.  Trust me, it’s easier to just compartmentalize work buddies and real friends.

Side note, I shared an office with a woman who kicked me out of the office twice a day for over three months while she pumped her breastmilk.  It was beyond annoying.

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@MsCaptainCanada OMG, I was just about to post something SO similar.  I work in a VERY small office, 3 people, my boss, myself, and another female.  The girl I work with acts like a child, talks back to my boss, throws temper tantrums if she doesn’t get her way, and constantly claims that my boss is gaslighting her.  To top it off when an argument arises with my boss she jumps on gchat and just bashes him to ME, I have told her numerous times I don’t agree with her opinion on my boss and felt it was best if she kept me out of it.  Most recently, she has started posting to facebook about my boss, not using his name but making hypothetical situations and asking for peoples opinions.  The only issue is she is friends with me on facebook (i defriended her once already and she refriended me) AND my boss, oh yeah and numerous clients.  She is so snippy and confrontational which she claims as being “forward and honest” she is currently going to therapy with my boss to figure out ways they can communicate…don’t people normally get fired if you can’t get along with co-workers?

@LittleButtons I feel you too, my situation it really similar.

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I work with many of these. I work with my earphones in and make sure I look too busy to have a conversation. :/

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I’ve definitely had my share of bad office mates.  Luckily, I finally have a great one!  I do have some pretty ridiculous stories from the bad days of sharing an office with 5 other people.

We used to put our trash outside our office door for pickup.  After a while, maintenance decided people couldn’t leave trash cans outside their offices because it cluttered the hallways. So if they saw a trashcan sitting out, they just confiscated it.  At one point, all our trashcans got taken and one of the girls in the room threw a giant hissy fit and blamed another co-worker for them getting taken.  She actually got fired because of it.  But before she left, she got the other girl fired too because she made up a story about them getting into a physical altercation.  It was just so absurd.  Who risks their job over trashcans?  LOL!

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