Share your adorable/unique MUST HAVE photo opps! **PIC HEAVY**

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Aww, love these! Wish this post had been up before my wedding ;_; (:

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Oooh! I love that last one! I’m going to have to add it to my pinterest board so I can show my photographer!

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To be completely honest these shots are best when they are real, meaning the photographer see’s a shot and goes after it. If you bog your photog down with a list they may not have the time to use their vision to catch the moments. You higher your photog for their talent and your vision if you love their work you are likely to love the candid shots you get from your wedding MORE than the posed ones!

My favourite natural shots (not posed at all) from my day are:

Us while the witnesses were signing the lisence (we thought the focus was off of us for a minute). 

The first time I saw my dad:

Laughing with my girls while they were putting on my crinoline:

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Here are some tips if you really insist on having all these shots done on your wedding day:

  1. Hire a good quality photographer who has a portfolio with lots of great creative posing, lighting, detail shots and shots similar to what you want. Posing and lighting isn’t something every photog can do well. It takes skill and experience. 
  2. Give your photog the list/ examples well in advance and ask to talk to them in person or on the phone about the best way to get these shots and if they are comfortable executing them. If they go against their normal style they may not be happy with it. 
  3. Give your photog enough time to capture these shots. Giving yourself and photog 20 min after your fam shots and before you have to line up for intros isn’t going to be enough. These shots take time and moving between shots especially with a wedding party is like herding cats. 
  4. See if your photog will scout out the location with you beforehand so you have a game plan. 
  5. Prepare all the things you want details of. If you want rings with bible them make sure they are together and ready for the photog before the ceremony. You can’t expect then to hunt down you, your hubby and the bible to take this shot later in the  day. Let the photog know where these things are or designate someone in charge of getting info to the photog. Make sure the photog is aware you have selected this person to help. 
  6. Make sure your bridesmaids are all dressed and ready to go well before you are scheduled to put your dress on. 
  7. Don’t go crazy with your list. I wouldn’t have more then 10 shots max or your photog will spend the day hunting down your list and not focusing on capturing the day as it unfolds. 
  8. Going back to #1 because it’s the most important. Hiring someone capable of making these shots. Not all photogs are created equal. 

Good Luck!

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I don’t know whose photos these were! Probably found most of them here on the bee. I don’t think I ended up getting any of these shots, but they were the ones I loved enough to save for inspiration. We did end up going outside and getting some in a snowy field that had trees with no outdoors clothes, though.

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@FMM:  I agree.

It’s good to have a few ideas, especially for things you need to be planned for, like the ones that require signs, but even still, some of that won’t materialize well on your actual wedding day.

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One of my faves wasn’t a pro pic (she’d left by then), so the picture quality isn’t that great.  DH and me at the end of the night, totally happy and relaxed:

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I love this thread!  Here are my inspiration pics:



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