Shit your in laws say … add yours!

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peonyinlove:  I have a FMIL who always has weird backhanded things to say…the first one that came to mind was when we were at the beach:

FI: “We’re going to go to the sand dunes today”

MIL: “Be careful of sand fleas…does playdohpants get fleas easily?”


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LOL commenting to follow this thread. I’m collecting my thoughts to contribute. Love this idea already.

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Commenting to follow.

playdohpants:  Lol wtf? What did your FI say?

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MrsSweetT:  He replied something like “What?! What kind of question is that?” He’s usually pretty good about calling her out on her ridiculousness. He has a pretty low tolerance for crazy.

We’ve had long talks about it before, he used to just chalk it up to “mum says crazy things” and I’m like no she says rude and insulting things on purpose…

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My ex-MIL was the Queen of the Passive Aggressive Comment. 

Ex-MIL – “So you are wearing boots with your wedding outfit?”

Me: “Yes”

Ex-MIL: “Well it wouldn’t do for me but I suppose that passes for normal behaviour in (insert name of my hometown)”.

Another classic conversation was about the gift list THEY had insisted we have.

Ex-MIL “You want a KING SIZED duvet?”

Me: “If anyone is kind enough to want to buy us one, yes”.

Ex-MIL: “I can’t see the point if you plan to live in rented accommodation for the rest of your lives. So I’ve changed it to a double and sent a revised wedding list out.” 

We had never said we planned to live in rented accommodation “for the rest of our lives” but we were not planning to buy a house until the following year when our lease expired. We had saved the necessary down payment but saw no reason to break our lease and incur the cost of this. However, ex-MIL was of the view that if we didn’t own a house we had no business getting married so it was necessary to make constant digs.

To be brutally honest, once I split from my ex-husband, the thought that I never had to spend another moment in the company of this woman brought be considerable joy! She lived to 95, incidentally, and was never known to have a good word about anything!

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I get along okay with the future in-laws, thankfully.  But my FMIL has dropped some fun quotes during wedding planning.  My favorite was when she was flipping through a wedding dress magazine (we were talking about dress shopping), stopped at a page for a plus-size dress line.

Her: “Brides shouldn’t be like that”

Me: “Like what?”

Her: “You know…they shouldn’t be tubby.  Designers shouldn’t encourage that.”

Keep in mind that FMIL is very overweight, to the point where she has mobility issues and her health is affected significantly by it.  There have been many conversations about her health over the years, but she makes excuses about how she can’t eat healthy or keep a gym routine.  And yet she has no problem rejecting the idea of plus-size brides.  Double standards, much?

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bleusteel:  Wow…like it’s ok to be tubby, UNLESS you’re a bride! Drop that weight for the wedding photos girl then let it come back! You’re a bride dammit! lol

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*I’m Black and my S/O is white and his mother and TWO sisters are f***ing crazy! I get cornered after dinner by the three of them…

FSIL: ” I have to ask….Do Black people shower? I”m just wondering because I use to know a girl and I swear she never showered. Do you guys just wipe off or what? I’m just curious to your bathing techniques….”

Me: *Literally, I have a wtf facial expression* “We bathe the same way you do. The only difference between White and Black is pigmentation. I promise everything else is the same. I prefer using soap and water just like you…”

FSIL: “Really? I would have never figured that.”

The funny thing is that I shower twice a day and his women only shower once a day. The nerve of these people…    

Another instance w/ FMIL grocery shopping…

FMIL: “Can I touch your hair?”

Me: “Ummm…Sure.”

FMIL: “It’s softer than what I would’ve thought. So how do you care for it? I heard that if you put water in Black hair, then it would break off.”

ME: ” I’ve never heard of that before….” *Then I proceed to go inspect some produce…”  

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We haven’t had anything crazy yet, but there has been a clear lack of listening skills:

Us, explaining our registry choices: Obviously, we’ve been living together for years, so we’re just choosing things to upgrade. Like getting rid of our cheap dinnerware and getting quality stoneware.

FMIL: Well, have you thought about registering for cheaper dinnerware, from Walmart or Target?

Us: … we already have cheap crappy dinnerware. Why would we want more?

FMIL: Oh, I didn’t think of that.

…facepalm moment.

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Ohhhh I have sooo many good ones but the most recent with my MIL is:

I’m pregnant and she is ALWAYS asking me to remove things from the registry because she already purchased them. Okay fine but texting me more than once in 2 hours asking me to do the same thing is a bit much!

MIL: Well you said my texts were annoying you and that you are fed up with receiving them

Me: No what I said was it was a bit frustrating and overwhelming when I receiving 4 texts in a row asking me to do the same thing.

MIL: Well I know that’s not what you said, but that’s what you meant.

Me: If that’s what I meant that’s what I would have said.  


She is a trip!!

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ny88:  WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!!! God bless you for keeping your cool! SOOO disrespecful!

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ny88:  What the? Do they think you’re an alien or something? They need to get out more…or read a book…or something

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