So they weren't kidding about being 'at that age'.

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Busy bee

LOL your post made me imagine a runway with different planes waiting in line to jettison. 


22-25 or so is also when “baby fever” seems to hit.  I remember going through it back then and now I’m all like… eh…. If it happens I’ll clean up the poop,… if it doesn’t I’ll enjoy all the extra money and time and sleep.  LOL

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Blushing bee

I remember that! Everyone in my family gets married older (late 20s early 30s), so I wasn’t surprised that I got engaged at 27. But I’ve had a good 5 years of people getting married while I was waiting for a ring. Now I just get to hang out while people keep having intentional babies while I wait until we’re ready! 

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Busy bee

Lol… my friends are late bloomers probably because they are the grad school types so engagements didn’t start until about age 26.

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Busy Beekeeper

Really? At 22? A few of my friends got married then, but I feel like 24 – 26 is more common around where I live (in the Midwest.)

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Buzzing Beekeeper

lol Not in my group!  21/22 was the age when so many people broke up.

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So interesting how different it can be among groups and regions! Most of my close friends are single, and I feel like the anomaly (married at 24).

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Sugar bee

 Most people I know are finishing college and getting established so it must be lonely for them as young married folks on the east coast. Off the top of head I can only think of two or three people I know who got married/engaged at that age.

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Sugar bee

Lol well after we graduated high school, a bunch of girls from our graduating class (I went to an all-girls Catholic high school) got pregnant, got married or both. In my group of friends however, we are in our mid-20s now and only one has gotten married, another has gotten engaged, a few (including myself) are in long-term relationships and the rest are single so we have quite a variety. No babies yet though lol.

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Busy bee

My son just turned 22 and hasn’t had a steady girlfriend yet. I’m glad for that since I believe now is the time to explore the world and/or what he wants to make of his life. One of his best friends just broke up with his GF of 5 years and his closest friend is turning 21 in early December and getting married late Dec. which seems extremely young to me. I do think it’s regional. I moved to Colorado from New York City many years ago and was shocked by how many young people got married here. I’m also glad that my 16 yr old daughter is more involved in her studies now than boys and still awaits her first date. I’d be very concerned and unhappy if she was like some of her friends who have had a boyfriend for 2 years at this age.


Enjoy your youth! I think for many people what’s right in a relationship at 21(ish) is a moving target as they get older and more mature.

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Sugar bee

That’s just happening for people in my graduating class now & I’m 25. Guess it’s regional.

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Bee Keeper

My friends are apparently weirdly unhurried, because I’m in my 30s and half of my friends are married, some even on kid #2, while the other half are still single (and most of those are planning to marry, eventually). Every summer for a while now (early 20s I guess) there’s been about 2-4 weddings in my circle, no big increase at any particular point. I live in a big city, if that makes a difference.

ETA: I’m kinda glad it’s been that way because if I was in the minority of people I know to still be unmarried by the time I entered my 30s I think I would have been insecure about it and may have even hurried and married the wrong guy.

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