Sooooo baby crazy!

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@Spinder:  I’ve got like the opposite problem you do haha.

I’m 27… not yet married (but soon hopefully) and I want to have baby fever!! Try to think of the negatives like I keep on doing *sigh*

Maybe this will help:

-I’m absolutely terrified of giving birth and being pregnant. I don’t want to get fat, potentially have hair grow in weird places, feel something growing inside me and kicking me, potentially die during painful child birth, and then have to feed a newborn every 2 hours for weeks while ‘down there’ is extremely sore and potentially stitched up if things tear.

-I’m scared that my life will go out the window. Don’t get me wrong.. I’m not the most spontaneous person to begin with, but even going out to dinner can become a hassle.

-Changing diapers. I’ve never done this in my life and can’t say I’m looking forward to it. I am sure it’s not *that* bad, but still.

-Babies are expensive. We have enough money, but instead of buying those shoes that I want, I might have to buy something for baby. This isn’t all bad, but it scares me a little.

-I don’t look forward to EVERYONE throwing in their 2 cents on how I should parent. It happens and it’s annoying.

-I am a worrier by nature and I think it’ll only get worse when I have a kid. I’m always worried about my cat and a kid is another thing to be paranoid over.

-I’m worried my kid won’t like me. You invest so much in your kid and then at some point they seem to turn and hate you (at least for a while). I also worry that the kid will turn into something I don’t like.

I’m starting to find babies to be cute, but the reality of what it’s like is very apparent to me, and even though my (hopefully soon to be husband) is very supportive and does housework etc., I am still scared. Babies are more than cute things you cuddle.

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@Spinder:  I hear ya! I hated BCPs bc of all the awful side effects, so I quit taking them last month and started charting this month. Our plan was to use condoms until I got the whole FAM thing figured out, but it has turned into more of a NTNT month. Whoopsies. I don’t think I will get pregnant this month, but never know I guess! I would be ecstatic. DH would be a little shocked at first, but he wants kids too and knows we haven’t been careful this month. overall, if we end up pregnant, we will both love him/her to death, even if it wasn’t past our “wait 2 years” plan. 

Oh, I’m only 23 also. Every time I see a cute pregnant lady or an adorable kiddo, I get the warm fuzzies so bad! DH just laughs at me. 

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@ cowgirlace this is exactly how we started out! Quit taking BCPs decided to chart. One month of charting and trying to avoid getting pregnant turned into the next month of charting and trying to and now I’m 17 weeks pregnant! :)  

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@Spinder:  “Any tips?” Try hanging out with some 13-16 year old girls. Give them advice and try to guide them towards responsible decisions.  Note their responses and remind yourself that this is your future.

That should cure you.



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@Spinder:  Volunteer at a local childrens hospital? That might help – plus anywhere they have a nursery, they might need volunteers to rock the babies! If that doesn’t help with the baby fix, and you’re actually looking to get rid of it, volunteer with kids in another setting – afterschool/Boys & Girls programs something like that! 

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