Sudden Decrease in my Husband's Sex Drive Toward Me

posted 1 year ago in Intimacy
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Sugar bee

Have you asked him about it? Has anything changed? Added stressors?

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Sugar bee

@Old Hollywood:  It is not you, has he had a blood test lately? His testosterone levels may be low. is he taking any medication? Some medication side effects include a low libido.  I would tread lightly here, men are proud especially when it comes to intimacy. when you speak to him about this, try to describe how this makes you feel. hopefully you both can get to the bottom of this without anyone’s feelings being hurt.

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Bumble bee

@Old Hollywood:  The night sweats might make your body feel hot to cuddle but this probably wouldn’t deter him from sex, especially in the morning. It sounds like he has some issue that has more to do with him. Does he have any recent health issues?

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