SUPER long hair on your wedding day? [extensions or natural - show me pics!]

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Blushing bee

Here is my wedding hair trial.  I think it is kind of the look you are going for.  If you want more pics of the front I can send them to you.  

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Busy bee

My hair was super super long at my wedding, here is a pic where its in front of my shoulder so it looks a little less long.  Also it was curly so when it was straight it was out of control long.  I got it cut the day after my wedding :)

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Busy bee

@GardenBride: Your curls are so pretty and healthy looking!

@Lovespearls: I love your hair color, it’s gorgeous.

My hair is short :( I hate it. It’s about two inches past my shoulders, and I want it super long! I had super long hair most of my life, then a couple years ago cut it short and experimented with lots of colors, so I always had to keep it short.

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Sugar bee


It looks so healthy now!  And pretty too.

But it would be pretty easy to add some length with clip in extensions.  Then after your wedding you can continue to grow your natural hair.

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Sugar Beekeeper

I wore my hair down and super long/curly… i LOVED it. It was extensions, my real hair was maybe 4-5″ shorter than the extensions were. I don’t have any great pics of the back of my hair without a veil on though… sorry. Hopefully you can kind of see from these pics. 

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Sugar bee

My hair is almost as long as yours was…  and I’ve been DYING to cut it because it’s so freaking heavy.  Every day I’ve been wearing it just pulled up in a clip and not drying it because I just can’t deal. 

I’ll be wearing it up for the wedding so I don’t futz with it and really want to chop it back to shorter than chin length, but my mom is just starting to get some hair back from chemo treatments and she told me I’m not allowed to cut mine until she has enough to cut :)

Your hair now is what most people would consider very long – enjoy it and wear it down without missing what isn’t there!

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Bee Keeper

I can see the difference. I’ve been growing out my hair for a long time now (it’s almost hip length, but I’m short lol!) In the first two pictures it looks like your hair is around waist length and in the last picture it’s not even bra-strap length… growing hair does take a lot of patience!

I plan on wearing my hair long and down for my wedding too, but I don’t have any photos to share of the style I plan on going for yet! I also plan on wearing extensions because while my hair is long, it’s not very thick and I’d like to add some volume. My sister who has shoulder length hair wears extensions almost everyday. She buys these strands of real hair and she glues them to little combes herself. They look completely natural and she styles them as if they were her own hair and everything!

Here is a photo of my hair, but this was taken almost 2 years ago so my hair has grown since.

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Busy bee

@SnowPeony: Thank you!!

@kittybean: I still think your hair looks gorgeous that length! I think the extensions will help for sure, I have seen people with them and had no idea it wasnt their real hair.  Here is a pic of me from my rehersal dinner with my hair straight so you can get an idea of how long it was w/o the curls:

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