template for bilingual catholic wedding (spanish and english)?

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Talk to the priest who is actually marrying you about the vows. And if your fiance’ is the one who is Catholic, get him to help you– or his family. It can be complicated if you don’t understand. Why do you need it to be bilingual? If you have family who speaks Spanish, get them to help you with a booklet. I ended up cobbling together our booklet based on a LOT of search results and examples and using the “Together for Life” book as an outline. Good luck!

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@newname_99:  Fun for you!  Bless your heart.

Ok– that book is probably the “Together for Life” book. That’s like your Catholic wedding bible ;)   Basically, it’s a choose your own adventure way to plan your wedding.

Since you LIVE in Mexico, you at least can get help with translations for your Mass…that’s good. How far away is the priest who is marrying you-I know you said Cancun and Mexico is a large country…are you going to be there for any wedding-related stuff before the wedding? Could you meet him in person and discuss everything?

I (obviously) have NO idea if these things would be OK but some options might be:

***) Printing your Mass booklet in English AND Spanish (tedius but helpful?)– you could either do separate books for each language, or one larger booklet with English AND Spanish in it so everyone can follow.

***) I don’t know if it’s cool to do your vows in your native language (ie- one in Spanish, one in English) or if it would all need to be the same for simplicity. I imagine that would also depend on the English/Spanish skills of your priest and others directly participating in your Mass (cantor, readers, etc.)…could you have a translator, similar to a sign language interpreter?

***) It seems to me that your Parish priest should be able to guide you a bit or kind of work out some kinks between the two churches. Do you have anyone in your office who acts as a wedding coordinator who may be able to help?

This is quite a challenge.

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