The "i" word..

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Hugs to you! Hoping and praying the Clomid works for you. Maybe your neck bump is thyroid related? That would also be treatable! Good luck!

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RMBsbride:  *HUGS*  Sorry you’re dealing with this.  Hopefully your insurance will step in and help you out with some of the costs.  Best of luck to you and your husband.

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RMBsbride:  I went to the doctor after TTC for 6 months and the ‘I’ word was used. It REALLY means nothing. I’ve been TTC for 14 cycles and have even been KU (mc) in that time but I’m still classed as infertile. I have many bad days and it really does suck but just because that word has been used doesn’t mean I won’t have a healthy baby. Because I’m almost cerTain I will (and you too). The great thing about your situation is that you know what is wrong. Hopefully the clomid words this cycle and you get KU very quickly. There is every chance this will happen For you. I have my fx for you.

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RMBsbride:  I’m so sorry you are going through all this. {HUGS}!! 

Eta: is it possible that you have an unknown thyroid issue? I know that your thyroid plays a large part in regulating your hormones for different phases of your cycle. That could be why AF isn’t showing.  Hopefully the issue is as simple as that to fix. 

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RMBsbride: Definately sounds to me like they are thinking thyroid with the lump in your neck. It is a shame that they focussed so much on the I word, but it sounds like you and your husband are in a good place, and you have some good support. Big hugs

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RMBsbride:  I’m glad you feel (slightly) better! I would also hate hearing the i-word- I think anyone would. It seems so negative and so final! But there is SO much you can do in the way of fertility treatments these days- having decreased fertility (which seems like a more accurate way to describe it, to me anyways) does NOT mean you won’t be able to get pregnant, and with a game plan in place to deal with your irregular cycles, you could end up pregnant soon. I would focus on getting some answers, because answers can point you to solutions. Just take it one step at a a time. Also, could you start up an exercise program? Not just to get healthier, but to help you de-stress and feel more positive (exercise endorphins!). Getting healthier for your future baby might also help you feel a little more empowered during the whole process. Anyway, hang in there! It sounds like you husband is a sweetheart and is totally there for you. Try to stay positive and know that although your road to pregnancy might be a little longer and more diffcult than some people’s, you WILL get there. Good luck!

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RMBsbride:  I definitely could’ve written parts of your post…just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone and definitely NOT a freak of nature.  Like you, I’ve had issues with AF not showing up….basically I only got AF twice in the last year without the help of medication (ie Provera/Aygestin).  I recently found out I have polycystic ovaries and there are definitely some sad days wondering if/when things are ever going to happen for us.  I was pretty much crying one time when I had to call some nurses to get appointments and actually say out loud, “I am dealing with some infertility…”  This website is one place where you can find a lot of sweet ladies who are unfortunately going through a lot of the same feelings.  Good luck with all the testing!!! 

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