The Ring board at WB taught me:

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Honey bee

@FauxPas2012:  right?! I learned all about cuts shapes terms used for describing rings in general. Before WB I would have said “ya know with the little thingies around it? in a circle shape but with a thinner band on the sides and with the tiny stones around the big stone” and now i can actually properly describe my ring. Like a jeweler would! Not like a 5 year old.

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Blushing bee

@stardustintheeyes:  I think I still describe mine like a 5 year old. LOL. There’s so much to learn and I’m already married! Shame, shame.

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Sugar bee

I also learned about Moissanite on WB too and am now the proud owner of three amazing moissy pieces! Also, rose gold! I don’t think I would have really noticed rose gold IRL, but WB has made me completely fall in love with the pink metal!

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Helper bee

I also learned about moissy on Weddingbee! The main thing the ring board has taught me is that there are SO MANY different rings, and no choice is the WRONG choice! My opal and pink sapphire cost less than $100 and even though I love it I was afraid I’d get crap for it, but y’all have been nothing but supportive around here! :D  

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Yeah the Wedding Bee has so much information on all types of rings, and I’ve loved reading some of the ring posts on here. I’ll be choosing a new ring in a few years (something we’ve been planning for a while now), so by the time it comes to choose a new ring I feel confident enough to know what I am looking at and understand and appreciate that ring’s beauty! 

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More than I learned by googling “diamond” and “engagement ring.” I wish I knew this site BEFORE I got engaged, would have saved myself a lot of time and headaches!

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That even the square cuts I didn’t find appealing can look stunning to me in the right style and setting!

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Busy bee

1) that there is this thing called mossoinite and it is sparkly and a lot of women are chosing it

2) that the range of available gemstones is amazing and more importantly, jewelers all over (esp on the web) don’t hesitate to put gemstones in settings of diamonds and precious metals. I don’t think that was always reality.

@FauxPas2012:  I too had never heard of moissanite before I came to the ring board.  I still haven’t seen it in person, and I’d love to see how it compares to diamond.  But I have seen plenty of gemstone e-rings.  The one that stands out featured a green sapphire center stone surrounded by diamonds.  Gorgeous!  

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I learned about high quality sims as well as moissys.  I learned which “Cs” meant the most to me and discovered which shape I loved the most. I difinitely learned more about diamonds although after wb I think btd tookme to the next level.  Oh and likethe OP I found out how breathtaking gemstone erings are.  Before the hive I had only seen Princess Di and now Kate’s ring.

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@FauxPas2012:  ooh I would love to see your 100 year old platinum heirloom! That’s what I have too! :)

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