The Walking Dead?

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Busy bee

WE LOVE THIS SHOW!!!  Can’t wait for the next episode!

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Buzzing bee

@Missus_LLC:  I have such a crush on Daryl’s character. My husband thinks I’m nuts, but seriously he is just such a badass.

I haven’t read the comics yet, but I hear the Governor is quite the character. I can’t wait to see how he’s portrayed. He already seems like a sadistic little man.

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Bee Keeper

It’s one of my favorites, Mr. 99 too….I got the zombie desentization treatment early in the zombie saturation of Ameria…when 28 Days Later came out, I was living in Manhattan, in a room the size of a shoebox, like you do, with no TV or anything and a neighbor and I decided to go to the movies because it was hot out…anyway, we went to 28 Days Later with no idea what we were about to see…scared the hell outta us both.  We were in Chelsea, which is nothing but supermodels, and art galleries, we ran home like a pair of fraidy cats and I had nightmares for MONTHS about trying to get from NYC to Colorado…awful…but effective and now zombie stuff isn’t so bad.

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Busy bee

@Missus_LLC:  I know, right!! And chopping his leg off like that was so disgusting! Rick is definitely getting more and more aggressive now!  

Hmm, the Governor is interesting.  At first you think he’s not too bad, but then you saw him take out that whole platoon for their supplies and you’re like “Whoa, buddy”.  The last scene from last night was crazy!  When they showed him looking at his old life photos and then going into the locked room with the bright light, I thought, hey he’s going to watch old home movies.  But then you see all those Walker heads!! Wtf was that about?  Plus, did you notice the helicopter pilot’s head to the addition?  I wonder why he killed him when he wasn’t even bit or a threat.     It’s going to be so hard to wait til next week! lol

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Busy Beekeeper

I watched the first four episodes, but FI and I couldn’t get into it because the acting is SO FRIGGIN BAD. 

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Helper bee

LOVE Walking Dead. And I am not a zombie girl at all. Rick definitely isn’t playing around anymore. Carl isn’t either. We fell asleep early last night and didn’t see yesterday’s episode.

*runs away for fear of spolers*

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Blushing bee

DH and I absolutely love walking dead!!! At first I made fun of him for watching it (I’ll admit it), but then he was watching reruns of season one one weekend and before I knew it I was hooked too! Now we count down the days until Sunday night. :)

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