Things people do in the workplace that annoy you (but probably shouldn't)

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Honey bee
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MsGinkgo:  I don’t know if these things “shouldn’t” bother me, but they do! One woman smacks her teeth after she eats at her desk. Like she sucking bits out between her teeth or something. Gross! I’m sure she doesn’t even realize she’s doing it, though. Another gal (who has had to go to anger management classes) answers the phone like she’s mad already. She talks down to these people, yells, pounds her fists on the desk, and belittles them. Mind you, she’s in HR and people are usually enquiring about disability because they are ill. :-/

And sometimes I wonder what I do that makes people nuts! Lol!

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Bumble bee

Don’t get me started on how people eat! One guy near me crunches his carrots like a rabbit. Think Bugs Bunny – that’s what he sounds like. He also snorts up his nose goo all the time. Really loud. 

I also can’t stand burping. There are a few people in my office who burp out loud – is that really necessary? It’s absolutely disgusting.

Personally, I think all of these should annoy me though!

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Helper bee

I work in a health clinic so there is obviously computers and I know people have to use their keyboards but it irritates me sooooooooo much when I can hear them typing away what sounds like an essay. I hate the sound of the keybaord being typed away lol. #ImtheWerdOne I even do it but it annoys when I hear others do it.

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Sugar bee

Any time someone sends any variation of this email (which is usually about 2-3x per week), it makes me want to flip my desk over:

“Hey bleusteel, give me a call at 555-555-5555 when you get this.  Thanks!”

(Keep in mind that in all of these cases, these people have my direct number already) If only there was some type of voice communication device they could use to see if I would be available to talk over the phone.  Or at the least, some type of voice messaging system where they could conveniently leave a message on my phone.

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Bumble bee
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MsGinkgo:  People that just waltz into your office, without doing a courtesy knock, or me inviting them in. I mean, sure, my door is wide open, which also equates to ‘come right in’, but seriuosly, sometimes I am in the middle of a really important policy/memo, or wedding bee comment, and I do not want or need to be distracted at that moment.  However, I feel bad when my office door is closed, which also equates to ‘do not disturb’, but I feel like others are wondering if I am napping, or doing something ‘weird’.  So, open it is, and people constantly disturb me – without asking if I can be disturbed!!!

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Bee Keeper
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Whistling, smacking gum, random people coming into my group’s work area and carrying on conversations, listening to (shitty) music too loud, people asking where my coworker sits when they literally just have to walk 2 steps past my cube to get to hers (stop being fucking lazy). That’s all I can think of right now but I’m sure there’s more. Haha

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Helper bee
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I work in a hospital pharmacy IV room; when people put labels on crooked, or don’t write directions legibly it MAKES. ME. CRAZY. 

It’s so bad I will come up behind you and redo the work you’ve done while you’re standing right there. “Sorry, I have OCD” No… No, I really don’t. I just think the finished product should look professional and not a sloppy mess… 🙂 

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Busy bee

This guy a few rows over clips his nails a few times a week. EWWW. it’s my pet peeve when I am at home…when I come to the office its 10x worse! why does ANYONE think that’s ok?? keep it in the bathroom, people!


Also, when people in my little department area (we all sit in a little area of cubes..there’s like 10 of us) bring breakfast or cake or something, and all of a sudden people who we’ve never talked to are swarming. I would NEVER go into some other department and just take some random people’s food. Sometimes they are the first people to grab some! I am completely ok if it’s towards the end of the day and we have leftovers, but back off and let the people who BROUGHT the stuff eat it! and you know, ASK!!

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Busy bee
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MsGinkgo:  2 different people clip their nails at their desk… the noise alone makes me gag. I don’t see how anyone could possibly think that it’s ok to do your personal hygeine at your desk. One of them also flosses but that doesn’t make noise I guess.. just gross. 

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Helper bee
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Stand outside my (open) door while I’m on the phone, waiting for me to get off so they can bother me with something they should be able to do themselves. Go back to your desk and come back when I’m done. Or better yet, get a clue and do something for yourself.

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Busy bee
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MsGinkgo:  my coworker does this too. she’s always whistling and singing…but it’s sooo off key. the singing is at least–the whistling isn’t even a tune it’s just like, the sound of whistling. if that makes sense. think of a balloon deflating slowly and loudly. there ya go.

also when she’s sick she’ll come in my office coughing and hacking…and now i have the plaque thanks to her. and can we mention the fact that she’ll burp (not loudly, one of those discreet little air bubbles we all get; that’s not the offensive part) and loudly exclaim “PARDON MEEEEE!” after. that pardon me!! is what drives me nuts!!

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Bumble bee
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Popping gum gets under my skin like nothing else. It’s just so rude and juvenile to me, especially when it is done in a professional environment. Nobody should hear what’s in your mouth.

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