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First, you can try and plan, but it may not happen when you want it to and you need to be ok with that. 

Second, yes, if you want to get pregnant in November, have sex at least every other day once your period ends. 

Third, if you don’t get pregnant this cycle, read TAking Charge of Your Fertility. It’s amazing how much there is to getting pregnant. 

fourth – I’m a teacher too. Curious- Why do you want an August baby? Are you going to take the whole year off? I was due August 5 (but DD was early and came July 13) and I’m taking off first quarter. It’s hard to not be there at the start of the year. I think mid year will be better for me if we have another child. 

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I agree with Glasgowbound:  You can use OPK’s (ovulation prediction kits) to try and predict your ovulation but without having charted for a few months and seeing a pattern, there is no way to know what day you ovulate on. With a 26-27 day cycle, the earliest you should ovulate would be day 13 (with the first day of your period being day 1) and the latest would hopefully be no later then 16 or 17 but if you have a short luteal phase, it could be later than that (you want at least 10 days between ovulation and start of next period for implantation). I’d suggest to have sex every other day for your best chances. And if you don’t get pregnant this cycle, read Taking Charge of Your Fertility!

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Nickig_4:  I’m curious about the August baby thing too. My sister is a teacher and was trying to time her birth for May-June so that she could just take summer off!

As previous poster said much better than I can, you can try to plan and you might be successful but be prepared for it to take longer than you think. It took us two months to conceive and I believe we were very, very fast. I would guess that the average is around 3 months but there are plenty of people who do conceive their first month trying!

I would second the suggestion to have sex every other day starting after your period and continuing throughout the month (if you guys have the stamina!). The first month trying, I thought I was ovulating early in the month and so we had sex every other day until like day 15 of my cycle. It turns out that I was most likely ovulating much later and we had probably missed my ovulation that first month trying.

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Quite frankly, yes it’s naive of you to think you’ll get pregnant right away, but it has happened. So if you get pregnant this month, you’ll be due late July, next month, late August. You should try to have sex every other day after your period ends. OPKs or charting your temps can really help to pinpoint when you are ovulating (read more about this on Fertility Friend or the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility). There’s no way to predict how long it will take, though, so try not to get discouraged if it doesn’t work out as you’re hoping.

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No, your most fertile days are not typically right after your period. If you don’t want to use ovulation tests, then just look out for watery cervical mucus (stick your finger up there if you can’t tell from your underwear). When it gets watery, start having sex, and have sex every other day until it’s not watery or stretchy anymore (it’ll look more like smooth or chunky lotion after you ovulate). Good luck! I highly recommend temping to verify for sure when you ovulate.

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You can definitely get pregnant the first month, it happened to me!  But it’s just as likely (or more likely, actually) for it not to happen.  I think the odds are around 20% of getting pregnant in any given month.  Obviously there can be things that changes that % for you personally (like age, or other issues).

I bet the easiest thing to do would be to check your cervical mucus and have sex every other day when becomes more slippery.  Or just have sex every other day!

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Your husband’s sperm needs time to regenerate. Even my OBGYN said not to do it every day.

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Like PP said, try OPKs starting around cycle day (CD)10, and EOD from around CD7 or 8 through two days past your positive OPK. FWIW, you can’t get pregnant after you ovulate. The only way to confirm ovulation is through charting your temperature, but the OPKs should be a good guide for the first few (my doc said 6) months.   Personally, I’d hold off on the hard-core TTC like temping, which you have to do every morning as soon as you get up. It’s good to know what your body is up to, but for me, it’s just added one more thing to obsess about during the early, fun stages. FWIW,you can’t get any actual pregnancy symptoms until at least 7 days after ovulation, when the egg implants. You’ll get your period (or hopefully not) around 14 days after you ovulate, so if you ovulate late, your period will seem like it’s late, when your cycle is just running behind.

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Nickig_4:  The first day of your cycle is the first day you have full bleeding with your period. So if that is November 10th for you, and you have cycles that are around 26-27 days, you will most likely be fertile around November 15th-22nd. I would have sex at least every other day that whole week. Try to give at least 24 hours between for your husband’s sperm to build back up. All of this assumes that you have a normal luteal phase (those are the days leading up to your period at the end of your cycle). The luteal phase starts after you ovulate, and is typically around 14 days long. That’s why they say people with normal 28 day cycles usually ovulate on day 14, because the first 14 days leading up to ovulation plus the 14 luteal phase days after ovulation equals 28. So all of my advice is assuming you are very text book save for the 1 or 2 days that your cycle appears to be shorter. This is the most basic way of looking at fertility. Bottom line, if you want to try without learning more, I would just have sex at least every other day from 11/15-11/22 or stretch it out further and do it every other day your whole cycle to make sure you have gotten something around your ovulation time. 

One piece of advice, do not freak out if all the sudden your cycles change in length. Once women start TTC and focus on all these things, it is not uncommon for this to change your cycle. Try to relax and have fun. Many people don’t conceive right away, but that doesn’t mean you won’t!

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