TTC is making me crazy : ( see my chart

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@whitefuzzy:  Really sorry you’re going through this. I can’t relate to TTC after BCP but I can relate to the frustrations of TTC and what its like to TTC in your 30’s. I’ve seen quite a few women in the same situation on WB. Have you tried using OPKs to check for ovulation. They always worked for me. I’d say temping can get very frustrating at this point. The other option would be to put this month to a loss and not temp at all. Im sure its adding to the stress. I reallyhope your cycle sorts itself out soon xxx

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That stinks.  I just went off BCP but have only had a week since inactive pills, and definitely did not get my period this week.  I don’t have any answers, but fingers crossed that with a little more time, your body will go back to normal!

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@whitefuzzy:  I am so sorry for you!  I was under the same impression that getting knocked up was easy!  I think most girls think that too.  Since going off the pill my cycles have been averaging 47 days.  I was so happy when I got my first period off the pill thinking I was going to have normal cycles – and surprise!  The shortest one I’ve had was 45 days.  Stress really plays into ovulation – I think I delayed my ovulation this month because I was so stressed about seeing my in-laws on thanksgiving and getting questioned on if i was pregnant.  

My SIL didnt get her period until 3 months after she stopped the pill.  She was extremely stressed out and kept running to her doctor.  Her doctor told her to relax and to cut down on running.  She started taking yoga, and got pregnant pretty quickly!

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I know exactly how you feel..  My first cycle off BC was over 90 days long and unless you want to go to the doctor and have them induce a period to see if the next cycle will be normal, there is nothing to be done about it.  It seems like just luck of the draw coming off BC and how different peoples body react.  I was only on BC for 2 years and it still took me about 7 months to sort of regulate (2 90+ day cycles, with a normal one in between).   I was using OPKs, and boy I was jumping thorugh the roof for even a positive OPK at day 70 something… a sign my body was sort of still able to function.

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@whitefuzzy:  “Seriously, I thought if I missed more than 2 days of pills I wouldn’t be instantly knocked up, ha ha!”

+1!!  I was so paranoid about avoiding pregnancy and being so careful, but little did I know how hard it actually is to just ‘happen’ to get pregnant! 🙂

Definitely frustrating, this is day 29 off BC for me and still no BFP or AF, so still in the waiting game.. hope your body sorts itself out soon!!

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@whitefuzzy:  I know it’s easier said than done, but charting shouldn’t stress you out. I’d still do it if I were you because then if you continue to not ovulate, you’ll have the charts to show an RE if you don’t start ovulating for multiple months. Otherwise, say you continue to have really long cycles but not ovulate for many months, you won’t know for sure and an RE would turn around and tell you to chart a few cycles. So I think it could save you time down the line. 

But dont’ worry about it otherwise for now. Just don’t look at your chart after putting it in, and just think of it as logging some information. After all, stressing or charting anything else isn’t going *make* you ovulate! lol, as much as we like to think it does. (I’m totally guilty of sometimes keeping extra blankets to see if it would keep my temp up. Doesn’t mean my LP is actually longer!).

Hang in there. Hopefully this will be your longest, and they’ll regulate after this. 

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@whitefuzzy:  I agree, I’d stop temping until you get your period.  TTC can drive ya nuts!  It looks like you’re body is still weaning itself off BC horomones.  

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@whitefuzzy:  Are you taking prenatals or women vitamins? That might help you to at least nourish your body and cycle until it’s over. I am sorry you are going through this. I know how frustrating and stressful it can be. You are not alone.

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Yeah, it’s making my crazy too and I’ve only done it for 9 days.

Every morning I wake up like it’s Christmas.  What will my temp be today??  Will I see a big spike?  Will today be the day I finally get AF (I’m on CD50).  Nope.  I really can’t stand this charting stuff.  But I’m afraid to stop because then time will go by that I could have been charting and gathering fertility information.  It just takes so long to see a pattern!  And time is moving glacially slow.  We BD every other day.  So maybe I should just stop charting altogether?  I don’t know what to do.  :/

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