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I think she’s being a little unfair about the bachelorette party. You (or your FI) needs to explain to her that it was planned by your bridesmaids and was a very low-key affair with just your wedding party present.

However, I do think you should have sent the family members save the dates (and invitations — I wasn’t clear if you got to this point yet or not).

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Of course FSIL hasn’t invited to you things just to be invited in return. But she obviously feels close to you and just thought naturally she’d be invited to your bachelorette party. Perhaps she was even looking forward to it. In many circles, the bachelorette party is a bigger event, including more than just the bridal party, such as groom’s sister.

Just call her and say sorry but it was just a small event with my bridesmaids and sorry we couldn’t include everyone and we certainly didn’t mean to snub or offend etc etc.

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Well it’s nice that she likes you and wants to spend time with you.  She probably didn’t realize the bachelorette party was only with the bridesmaids.  You should have sent all your guests save the dates and invitations, including the wedding party.  It sucks that she yelled at your FI but her feelings were obviously hurt.  Call her and talk to her about it.

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What is it with bridal parties and dramas! Seriously. If you are not invited to be in someone’s bridal party maybe you’re not that close or whatever, they didn’t pick you. Weddings are about the people getting married but for some reason, someone always manages to make it about themselves. If she really wants to talk to you, just let her know that your bridesmaids planned the weekend for you and that you are wiling to spend time with them if they want to. No problemo! You don’t want to start a fight with your FSIL but she does have to understand that this is YOUR moment not hers.

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