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@Mandy-Moore12-13-14:  Okay well what you know to be true about the situation is your man purchased the ring so he will follow through at some point (most men don’t spend a large sum of money on a custom ring if they dont fully plan on proposing to a girl), so you can rest assured that its coming. The fact that its a custom ring means that there is an investment in time to design & make the ring. Did the jeweler give you an idea of how much time it would take?

If the ring took 6-8 weeks turnaround time or longer that only left your man >4 months to plan a perfect proposal. Also, he could be waiting for a specific time of year (maybe the holidays when your family will all be together?). I think the best thing you can do right now is try to keep your mind off it by preparing yourself for being engaged. Focus on working out, keeping your nails & hair up, and be HAPPY! This is an exciting time for you and your SO, make the most of it! 

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@kaylaann:  + 1 – especially the part on focusing on you and looking your best when the moment comes! Work out, do your nails more often, hair treatments, go out with your girlfriends and just have fun :)

@Mandy-Moore12-13-14:  SO excited for you – he is definitely ready to commit no problems there and waiting WITH a ring is a good problem to have – he is obviously taking his time planning how he will propose to you. I also agree he could be waiting for closer to the holidays – but don’t get disappointed if Christmas / New Years come and go – this kind of boy definitely wants it to be a surprise and just doesn’t know how hard it is to wait!!!

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@Mandy-Moore12-13-14:  That would be super hard for me too, especially considering you’ve known he’s had it for over 6 months. I don’t quite understand why it takes some men so long to get it together, its kinda pathetic if you ask me. If the situation was reversed I couldn’t bring myself to wait so long, I would lose my mind!!

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Im a guy…I understand how hard it is to be in waiting especially if you know he already has it. But sometimes there are good reasons why we are having you wait. I recently found an e-ring that my gf would like and put it on free 6mo layaway at the jeweler for financial reasons, because I didnt want this model to be sold out, and also because I want to pop the question on our 5yr anniversarry in April. The timing works out great for the layayway and for other reasons. My gf doesnt know that i bought the ring so she isnt “waiting” like you are but I just wanted to say that sometimes we have our reasons and we are not doing it just to torcher you but to make things better for both of us :)

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