Wedding veil or head piece or both with my dress. PICs ATTACHED

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Busy bee

@Sgarcia1750:  Which length veil? I think a lace trimmed veil would go well. The dress isn’t overly embellished so a lace veil would compliment nicely.

Tha said I love head pieces!

I honestly don’t think you could go wrong. A lot of bees have worn both a head piece and a veil and looked stunning!


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Blushing bee

My dress is an all over lace dress and I’m still planning to go for a veil with lace trim and a headpiece. My headpiece won’t be massive – just a little bit of bling. But I reckon go for it!

I guess it just depends on the sort of veil though and the size of the headpeice you are looking at. Do you have any inspiration pics of what you are thinking of?

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@Sgarcia1750  If you have thin shoulder/arm, it may be better for you to wear a headpiece adorn the dress and show out the sexy shoulder.  If you have  full shoulder/arm, it may be better for you to wear the veil. the beading veil may goes better than the lace trim since it seem there isn’t  any lace flower on the dress.Smile

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Busy bee

I’m not sure how a full headband with a veil of any kind would work. Though if you were to get a comb or clip without the full ribbon, that would probably work. I could be completely off and there might be examples of a headband and veil looking awesome together, though.

I think your dress would be great with a lace edged veil. As someone else said, it’s not overly embellished so it wouldn’t look busy at all.

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Helper bee

Have you considered wearing a veil for the ceremony and then adding a headpiece afterwards?

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