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Weight loss is 80% in the kitchen.  Do you log your meals? What do you eat in an average day?

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Amybee.1133:  Hi there, I was actually just feeling a little sad yesterday too with my results.  Admittedly, I’m pretty sure I’ve lost a few inches but not so much in the numbers game.  I am in my 5th week of Insanity and this is what I read/heard yesterday that made me feel better.  

A lot of times when we go from a sedentary lifestyle to a jump start excercise regimen, our body needs time to catch up.  You may be retaining a lot of water because your muscles are trying to protect itself from the shock, give it time.  

Another thing is that while you’re eating well, are you eating small meals and snacks often enough?  If we don’t eat enough the body actually just hangs onto all of it so eating more often will help the body use up what we eat and lose the weight more effectively.

A Quote I read “It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends and 12 weeks for the rest of the world. Give it 12 weeks. Don’t quit.”

So I hope some of this helps.  I was in a funk yesterday and this made me feel better.  The best thing I tell myself is that everything I’m doing is going to help me get closer to where I want to be so I need to practice being kind and patient with myself and just keep doing what I’m doing.  You’re not alone!  

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I agree with previous posters about logging your meals.  You should try an app like myfitnesspal to make sure you are eating enough and the right balance of foods.

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Amybee.1133:  First, I’d start taking measurements. You might be losing weight in other areas. Second, analyze your workout routine. When you work out with this friend that’s a personal trainer, do you do the same workout every time? And third, like PP’s suggested, start logging what you eat. You actually might not be eating enough, especially if you work out.

Good luck! It isn’t easy, but you can do it 🙂

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Amybee.1133:  Log your meals. Do you know how many calories you are eating.


I have been working my ass off for 3 months ( 4 times a week strength/cardio intervals + 3 times cardio + stretching) Needless to say I was frustrated. Yes I could see the changes in my body shape, but not the weight ( or fat on my hips!)

4 weeks ago I started logging everything I eat and keep my calorie intake at about 1200 ( I lead a sedentary lifestyle, and not overweight by large amount) HOWEVER the calories that I eat come from : lean chicken and fish, plenty of fresh fruit and veg. I make fruit/veg juice for breakfast, lean veg soup for lunch or a salad, maye with chicken bits, MINIMUM oil. Dinner LARGE heap of vedge + lean protein.


Did I say lots of Veg? :o) No sugar, no wheat ( I eat rye bread) low fat natural yogurt ( we make own) controlled amount of baked potato, wholewheat pasta if you have to!!( I skip) controlled amount of whole grains – brown rice quinoa, buckwheat, etc. Healthy oils – olive, avocado, etc.

I have lost about 5 kg in last 4 weeks. I am still working out. But I am over the moon that the weight is going down and I can actually see the muscles I worked so hard on. I still have about 10kg to go but keeping the good work up!

I also recommend the Juice Master’s Turbo charge book( the motivational part is good) – he’s got annoying personality but I like his no excuses approach and the ‘diet’ is what helped me get started ( 3 kgs in first 2 weeks) Yep i do have a juicer and a blender, so high amount of raw fruit and veg – high quality nutrients is what is helping me to still exercise why keeping it low calorie.

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I agree with PPs that you need to be very conscious of what you’re eating…you might not be eating enough! That’s just as detrimental to weight loss as binge-eating. When you don’t take in enough calories, your body goes into starvation mode; you will not only hold onto every calorie, but much of it will be converted to fat as your body’s natural response is to prepare for “famine,” or going without.


Instead, make sure you’re eating enough calories and that those calories are good for you. Not all calories are created equal. Cut out processed junk, and eat fruits, veggies, real whole grains. Sugar is the biggest thing that will contribute to fat, particularly belly fat. Keep your sugar intake down to what naturally occurs in the fruits and vegetables you’re eating, and maybe a teaspoon in your coffee each morning (though raw honey would be a better choice).

Finally, think in terms of little goals. It’s hard to say, “I want to lose 15lbs and I have only lost 1!” That is going to bum you out quickly…but it shouldn’t, because you are doing GREAT! Just switch your perspective: “Today, my goal is to do a 45 minute workout, and to eat 1400 calories of healthy foods.” Knowing that your checklist is completed at the end of the day is rewarding, and all those little goals will soon start to add up to the success of your big goal!

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MrsHalpert:  For body to go into starvation mode – you need to be on a VERY low diet like 500 calories for long time.

I also blamed the ‘starvation mode’ because each time i would go on a restrictive diet ( this year i tried 5:2) I actually GAINED weight like 1-2kg!!!! SO I though aha! Starvation mode because of my excercising!

I have been eating on some days as low as 800 during past few weeks ( I only found it out because I looged the foods I ate – like juices and veg soups, etc) and did not feel hungry or deprived and guess what? This sneaky body of mine actually started to freaking lose weight.


I strongly belive now that if you are overweight then your body will NOT go into starvation mode ( unlike a lean person who will be losing muscles otherwise) IF YOU HAVE RIGHT NUTRIENTS.


There is a very nice thread on Myfitnesspal about starvation mode…




I dont know if you need to be registered to read though…

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Amybee.1133:  I can sympathize with you, personally it is really hard for me to drop lbs I usually notice any difference in inches, rather. I don’t necessarily measure myself, but my clothes start to fit better even though I’m not technically losing weight. Besides the scale, do u notice any difference in how you look/how ur clothes feel?

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AnnaVictoria:  thanks for the clarification! i’m actually a registered MFP user so I’ll definitely check that out. the reason i cited the potential of starvation mode, even starvation mode in a much less serious state, for her is because she isn’t obese, and exactly for the reasons you stated. 

i don’t know exactly what she’s taking in each day, but it’s really easy to eat too low if you’re going to nothing but fruits and veggies, and other low/no calorie foods. if her diet isn’t balanced in nutrients and isn’t high enough in calories, then this could still cause her to have issues, particularly if she is burning a good deal of it off with a rigorous exercise routine. of course, every body is different–and i think it’s awesome that you found what works for you! 🙂 just goes to show that one size doesn’t fit all for weight loss and nutrition.

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Oh and remembered anther thing – I have done a trial diet online witha diet tutor. Started at 1300 calories. Gained 1kg first week.

Was the usual lean lifestyle diet -lean proteins, healthy fats, fruit veg, controlled carbs ( more than I’m having now).

Tutor advised I was in starvation mode cos of my exercise. So next week I had 1450calorie plan which ended up at 1800 last week.


After 5 weeks I lost that one kg that I has gained in the first week – so no weight change. I bet the tutor thought I was cheating and gorging myself on chips or something. My FI followed the same diet, just dinners and he had almost double the amount of my serving cos he is a large man with an active job. He lost 10kg in 5 weeks.


Everyone is different and you need to find what works for you. But good quality nutrients and controlled abount are the key IMHO.

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MrsHalpert:  Yep, eating too little is dangerous, because of possible muscle loss – the heart is a muscle so it can end up REALLY bad!

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EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! Ok, with that out of the way, try this- NO salt, NO added sugar, NO dairy, NO grain. Plan your meals around tons of leafy greens, peppers, onions, any veggies but white potatoes, egg whites and a whole egg, fish a couple times a week, berries or green apples, and 1/2 cup of nuts, 1 Tbsp of olive oil/day. 

If your body NEEDS to lose weight, you will. If it doesn’t you will be trim and well proportioned for your special day by working out and eating right.

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Amybee.1133:  It’s calories in versus calories out. Simple as that. People can give you guidance on every little detail and blame it on eating too little, etc., etc.. Fact is, when people starve (and hence go into a TRUE “starvation mode”), they still lose weight. Yes, your body will be more prone to burning off more muscle, as a result. Your metabolism also may slow down. However, your body doesn’t just stop losing weight, as a result of not eating. It’s one of the biggest tidbits of health-related misinformation out there. 

As you lose weight, the calories needed to maintain your weight goes down. So, you have to alter your defecit accordingly. It is MUCH more likely that you were underestimating your caloric intake and overestimating calories burnt. Now that you are on MFP, if you log every morsel put into your mouth and burn more calories than you consume…. You are going to lose weight.

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