weight study, for shits and giggles

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Busy bee

Right now I am 5’4″ and 132.4lbs and I live in Tennessee.


I think it will be interesting to see the results of this too

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Sugar Beekeeper

5’1″, 117lbs, BMI of 22.1, Michigan.

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Blushing bee

just shy of 5’7″, 110lb. Massachusetts. My BMI will tell you I’m underweight–I’m fine. I’ve been the same size since the 7th grade no matter what I do… my doctor and I are both over it :)

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Buzzing bee

5’6″ and 188lbs. Accordign to BMI, i am obese. I’ve been within 5lbs of this weight for 10 years or more. My doctors never say anything about my weight

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Bee Keeper

5’0, 126lb, BMI a little over 25. Need to lose some serious weight…

As I’ve posted before, BMI does not always equate to dress size, and certainly not to overall bealth. That sad, I have various skeletal problems which improve as my BMI drops, regardless of whether I am losing fat, water, or muscle.

EDIT: At my largest, I thought I was 147, but I later found out that my scales were faulty, so it would have been more like 157. At that point, my doctor told me that I needed to lose at least 40lb, and that I should aim for a BMI of 18-19 if I wanted my joints to improve.

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Sugar bee

5’4” and 106 lbs. BMI around 18.7 and I lived in AZ (from CA)

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Buzzing bee

@nikix:  I forgot to put I’m in the suburbs of Washington, DC.

And that’s why I don’t put a lot of stock in BMI, or even weight for that matter, or even dress/pants size. I’m healthy and very comfortable with my body (curvy and hourglass-y) and that is what is important Laughing

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