What are your favorite Latin/Spanish boy names?

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Sugar bee

I remember a boy in high school who was named Lorenzo. I always thought it was such a lovely name. It has a nice flow and overall sound to it, IMO.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I love Joaquin!  

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Honey bee

Love Joaquin. I also like Raul, that was my grandfather’s name, and you don’t hear it often anymore.

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Buzzing bee

joaquin is on our list of baby names too :)

our other favorites are mateo, diego, and benicio. i really like julian too, but my sister in law beat us to it.


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Honey bee

One of my best friends named her son Javier.

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Bee Keeper

I’ve always liked the name Diego.

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Blushing bee

when the time comes, we will be going with Lucas.

other options I’ve considered that can be pronounced in either fairly easily…

Ian, Christian, Liam, Daniel, Luis, Evan

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Blushing bee

Fulgencio!! (Modern Family anyone?) 

On a serious note, I like Matias (accent on i) and Julian.

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Blushing bee

There are alot of names you can pronounce in english and spanish but I’m not too sure how common they are for you. Some are Aurelio, Gerardo, Arturo, Ruben, Vicente, Samuel, Eleazar. If we ever end up having a boy we would name him Osiel Adrian. My sister named her son Julian. :)

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Sugar Beekeeper

Javier, Alejandro, Arturo, Augustine, Basilio.

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Bumble bee

Love Javier! The name sounds soooo sexy. i know sexy is not what we’re going for when naming our child, but mmmmmmmmm.

Gabriel was my favorite boy name of all, we’re French speaking but live in a very English environment so it worked in both languages.

I was crushed wheb DH vetoed it because he did’t like Gabe, Gab or any other short nickname for it.

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