What are your flower girls carrying?

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Honey bee

Mine carried a small white basket filled with real pedals.


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Buzzing bee


$12.99 for pair – purchased 50%… so $6.50 each.  I’m spray painting them ivory and attaching this feather clip thingy right where the handle meets the bowl of the basket. 


The feather clips are $6.99 each – and I bought them at 50% off.

So the cost of my two flower girl baskets were $13.50 total.  (Cost doesnt include spray paint because I just had it sitting around.)

They’ll be tossing petals of some sort down the aisle.

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Honey bee

a pomander ball of pink carnations. the first flower FI gave me was a pink carnation the day we met, so it’s really special :)

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Buzzing bee

my flower girl carried a pomander of pink daisies. our church didn’t allow petals to be thrown.

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Helper bee

I made linen banners with “Here Comes the Bride” hand painted on them- a little lace trim and silk ribbon with A dowl rod and they were perfect- my ceremony space didn’t allow anything to be dropped- 


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Buzzing bee

My girls had baskets with bows and pearls that matched the details on their dresses… 

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Busy bee

Mine carried mini boquets.  My florist said not to give them too much because they will swing them around etc especially the little one (which she did during the ceremony) so she made them up these ones (shown below) and we told them they were princess wands and they loved them!

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Sugar bee

A basket full of rose petals!!  I’m pretty traditional that way.  But I had a back up plan in case the church wouldn’t let us throw real rose petals down the aisle.  (Luckily they do).  The back up was a pomander ball like this:  

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Bee Keeper

Mine carried these but we had white dresses on them, orange flowers in their hair and on the wand with navy blue ribbons hanging down. 

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Sugar bee

Here’s a picture of my flower girl (my 1.5 year old baby sister) practicing at our rehearsal. Unfortunately she got really sick the day of our wedding and wasn’t able to attend the wedding or walk down the aisle. Frown

In case you’re wondering, we tried to get her to carry the sign regularly, but she preferred it hanging around her neck so she could wave at people lol! It was a really light sign so it didn’t hurt her or anything.

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