What did people comment on loving at your wedding?

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Sugar bee

Not married yet but I am really excited about your recap so I can see these poms!

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Buzzing bee

A lot of people commented on our ceremony/vows, as well. We completely wrote it/them ourselves, and our officiant asked if he could keep a copy to give to other ‘clients’ as a sample.
Other than that, a lot of compliments were also given about our decor. I DIYed everything, and everyone loved the personal touches. Food was also a big crowd pleaser…

All-in-all, the whole day was a success, and has been called both ‘epic’, and ‘untoppable’.

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Sugar bee

We got a ton of compliments on our venue –the service, food, and the decor. I have been told when they opened the doors for our guests to enter the reception room that people gasped. Made it worth every penny!

I also received compliments on having a crafts table for the kids during cocktail hour and stockings (our wedding was a week before Christmas) filled with activities to keep them entertained during the reception.

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Honey bee

- short ceremony
- no gap
- food
- flowers (our florist was amazing)

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Bumble Beekeeper

We got a lot of compliments about how beautiful our ceremony was. It was simple and around 25 minutes, not too long.  Also, the colour (guava) seemed to go over well with everyone.

The biggest compliment was the photo booth, everyone loved it!

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Sugar bee

The food and the dancing!  Unfortunately, we didn’t even get to eat!!

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Busy bee

Our guests commented on a few things: 

-everyone liked the food at both receptions (we had a combination of Indian/Sri lankan food at our first reception and upscale Tex-Mex at our second reception)

-everyone commented on our officiant’s speech and how good he was at our American ceremony, my american friends loved our hindu ceremony and dressing up in sarees, etc.,

-DH’s extended Sri Lankan family kept commenting that they were impressed that we “pulled off” a real, Sri-Lankan style wedding in Dallas, TX.  They were also impressed with my DIYs, the Decor, and the color scheme.  Several of them have kept commenting on how it all came together….almost as if they thought a white girl from Texas couldn’t do it?  ;-)   lol

I show pics all the time, but I’m going to show them again!



Second night:

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Bumble bee

We also received a ton of compliments about our (outdoor) ceremony. The morning and early afternoon had been rainy, and I had more than one unrelated person come up to me and swear that the sun came out when we were pronounced husband and wife. Who knows if it was really that dramatic, but it makes a nice story :)

Other than that, a lot of people raved about our venue. We were married at a 1920′s Long Island mansion, so I made sure to leave the decor simple to really let the beautiful venue shine.

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Honey bee

Everyone really loved the food, and I was complimented on that a lot by almost everyone. I was also complimented on the intimacy of the ceremony. Although we had over 100 people, that is small for my culture, and the room felt intimate. I think people really felt the love in the room (which I also think is partly because the room was smaller). I also got a huge amount of compliments on my veil. 

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Sugar Beekeeper

I had so many compliments on our guestbook, the food, our centerpieces, our candy table and the venue.

For our guestbook I just laid out wood letters for people to sign that spelled  out Mr & Mrs. The food was from a very small local caterer who works out of her home, it was some of the best food I’ve ever had in my life! I made the centerpieces myself and they were pretty difficult to come up with as well as transport and set up.  I was happy everyone liked  them because we did all of the decor ourselves and it was a task. EVERYONE loved the candy table, people talked about it for weeks and even our caterer posted a photo on her website saying how she loved it. We bought all the candy, we set it up, it was hard but so worth it! We got married in a 1920′s theater so people loved it and told us how fun and unique it was. 

I had a few friends and family members tell us it was the most beautifully decorated wedding they had ever been to. That was awesome to hear after all the hard work, they must not have been to many weddings though lol.

The venue staff came to us after the reception and told us how amazing they thought the place was decorated, they said they never saw it look so beautiful or saw anyone put so much effort into all the little details. They were such sweet people.

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Busy bee

Oh, I miss my wedding now.  We got tons of compliments on our ceremony. It was a Catholic Mass and so many even non-Catholics commented on how beautiful it was and how they wish that it wouldn’t have ended.

At the reception, people (even my DJ) commented on the candy bar, old fashion popcorn maker, bathroom baskets, flip flop baskets, and the cake.

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Busy bee

We got compliments on:

- the family unity song.  There’s a family tradition on DH’s side that the family sings this gorgeous unity song at some point during the reception.  We bumped it up and did it during our unity salt ceremony, but added my parents and siblings (both families are really musical!) and people LOVED it!  

- Our double ring exchange (both of us had worn purity rings before we were married and we wound up exchanging those and our wedding bands). 

- Having my 11 and 10 year old brothers as ushers.  They took their job SO seriously!

- Our table decorations

- our photographer

-our DJ (Wow, he was AWESOME!!!  About 85% of our guests were out dancing!  It was great!)

- The cake

- Popsicles during the dancing (I did it as a surprise for DH and people were thrilled.)

- Our sparkler lit exit

- the reception music

Probably the best compliment I got was “I forgot that you can have this much fun at a dry wedding!  This was great!”

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Bee Keeper

In the year after the wedding, we’ve consistently received compliments on the intimate atmosphere, the dinner party style, the food and alcohol served, the cigar bar (this compliment only seems to come from the guys. lol), the toasts given (not that we had any control over those), and the funny unscripted moments in our ceremony.

And one of the biggest compliments from a non-guest was when our photographer approached me to ask if it would be okay to shoot some extra shots of the ceremony, cocktail, and dinner spaces on behalf of the venue. The venue loved the style of our wedding so much that they wanted professional shots of everything to use in their promotional material. Since the photographer was there on my dime, she had to ask for my consent to do the extra shots. I was incredibly flattered.

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