What great things did you take from your ex?

posted 1 year ago in Relationships
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    Hp sauce mmm yummy : (11 votes)
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    Hp sauce is gross : (9 votes)
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    I learned a very important lesson from my ex:  That you can’t change a man! :)

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    I dunno, but he did take some pretty amazing dvds of mine…he was nice enough to return the empty boxes >(

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    My ex got me into musicals :P I used to hate them, and now I’m obsessed.

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    Love hp sauce! My dad always ate it… Sadly he can’t anymore because he had mouth and throat cancer, and the spices make his mouth burn now :(

    Hp sauce on plain egg omelette sandwiches. Try it!

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    My ex’s mother and aunt were Italian and I learned their spaghetti sauce recipe and an AMAZING recipe for cookies that look like wedding cookies but are different and way more melt-in-your-mouth amazing.

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    What’s HP sauce?


    One ex: Got me to cook fresh Chinese food in a wok all by myself (Eff you, unhealthy delivery!)

    Another ex: Got me interested enough in sports to make my knowledge of ball playing attractive to my now husband


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    I learned how to make his mothers home made breakfast home fries. :) And that just because you love that person, doesn’t mean your still meant to be together.

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    My Irish ex introduced me to Guinness. I love it. It’s really the only beer I like.

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    • OEC
    • 1 year ago

    I took my self-respect back.


    ETA: Also have no clue what HP sauce is.

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    @OEC:  I have no idea what it is either

    What I learnt from my ex… how to make awesome scrambled eggs and that I deserve to be with a man who truly loves me and treats me with kindness and respect.

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    Um….that I deserve so much better! :P LOL

    Also that I didn’t feel that strongly about being a vegetarian.  Or voting for Ralph Nader.  It just wasn’t my deal and he wouldn’t let it go! Haha…

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    HP sauce is similar to BBQ sauce, for all you non-knowers!

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    I use the word honky and tell people they smell funny in play :) it always reminds me of the great time I ha. With my ex and his family they made me who Am today and I live it! Miss them but love Dh way more!

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