What should I do with my old wedding band?

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Helper bee

Platinum has been selling very well on ebay, you’d get at least $300 for it there (probably more like $500).  Don’t go too low on your price, you may have to relist it a few times but someone will eventually buy it.   Or you could try DiamondBistro?  

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Sugar Beekeeper

@luvmesumhim:  i had some jewellery from exes that i sold on kijiji (it’s like craigslist).  i had a lot of it and i got some decent results.  of course you are going to get some idiot who will want it for next to nothing.  in that case, i just firmly said no. 

if you think it’s really worth something, i would suggest getting an appraisal done.  with that, it should sell for more and without questions or doubt.  there is always additional value when you include the appraisal with the item.

i was pleased overall.

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Honey bee

Try ExBoyfriendsJewerly or I do Now I dont.

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Worker bee

@luvmesumhim:  Do you have any daughters? I wear my mom’s old wedding band as a RHR and love it. To her it’s a symbol of her failed marriage – To me, it’s a symbol of the union that made my life possible.

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Busy Beekeeper

@MissElizabeth:  +1.

I have my mothers old wedding ring set, It’s much too small for me [size 5], but I used to wear them on a necklace. Now they sit in my jewelry box, but I wouldn’t dare get rid of them.

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Busy bee

@luvmesumhim:  Sell it and give the money to a woman’s charity, that’s what I’d do anyway. 

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Buzzing bee

my kids will get their fathers rings/jewerly to me when they are 21, they can do as they wish with it– hopefully make new jewlery that brings them happiness…

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Bumble Beekeeper

What does it look like? 

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Honey bee

Have you tried posting it for sale on the Classifieds here on Weddingbee?  There might be someone here who’s interested. One advantage of selling it here is we understand the outrageous mark-up, but yet we also understand wanting to get something back… We’re also always looking for a good deal. 


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