What to Do yourself and what not to do yourself.

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You can totally make your own veil if you want to wear one. The cheapest lace veil I saw was around $200; if I wanted to make a replica I could do it for around $20 and some time.  However I’m going to make an heirloom quality piece so will probably spend around $400 on my materials.

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@radar:  The biggest cost of save the dates is not the paper, printing, or postage.  It’s the people you end up having to invite, because you’ve sent them STDs.  Your relationships with people can easily change between sending out the STDs and sending out invitations.  Or you can find that wedding stuff is more expensive than anticipated, and want to cut back on the guest list.  But an STD locks you into inviting the people to whom you have sent STDs.  I would recommend skipping them entirely, or else sending them only to close family members who live out of town.

That being said, here are our DIY projects, with links to instructions:


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@2dBride:  that frozen strawberry mimosa is making me drool! I love all of your items!!!!

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@radar:  I’m eloping so I don’t have many projects period but I plan on making my birdcage veil, my garter, my bouquet and his boutonnière. Also may try to make my sash and a few decorations for our venue space (it’s gorgeous and we’ll only be there 20 min so it may not be worth it). 

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I think I will try to tackle some centerpieces myself.  My sister had wicked pretty floral centerpieces, but they cost about $100/piece, which I think is crazy (and I’ll have at least 20 tables, she only had 15 I think…).  I found this mirror centerpiece idea that I really like…instead of the big vase with all of the flowers in the center I may opt for a tall vase with wiht some submerged flowers instead. 



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I made our STD’s and invitations, menus, table runners and napkins, decorative bunting flag ceremony backdrop, pinwheel place cards/favors and the cake topper.  I put a pink crinnie in my wedding dress.  I didn’t want to do anything I would have to attend to in the 2-3 days leading up to the wedding so my sister made my veil, my MIL bought an arranged seasonal flowers from the farmers market, and I had a friend make pies for dessert, although I did buy a small cake for hubby and I to cut.  I had a friend who made their own cake and it collapsed the morning of their wedding.   And he is a professional baker.  

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my DIY list is pretty extensive: aisle decor, flowers, boutonniere alternatives, invites, buffet item signs, menu, bar menu, sweet n salty buffet sign, sweet n salty buffet items, favors, welcome bags, centerpieces, table numbers, cardbox, guestbook, programs, cake topper, BM gifts, dress hanger tags, bridal jewelry, groom’s gift, escort cards, thank you cards and make-up.  I think that’s everything, but my faves are

the cake topper

and boutonniere alternatives

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Anything that could be designed in Illustrator or InDesign, I did myself (STDs, invitation suite, program, OOT booklet, reception signs, escort cards, table numbers, menus).  Aside from the ring bearer boutonnieres and the card box that I made, the rest is being left to the pros.

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Doing all my invites, hand making the envelopes, everything… save the dates, all the paper products, menus, etc…. we aer lucky to have family in the floral business, but for my sister in laws wedding, we just did big vases with all red roses, if you like something simple its very easily doable by friends and family.

If you decide how to arrange the flowers just find a few close people that can put them together the day of so you don’t have to worry. And my fiance actually made his sisters bouquet, with all long stem roses that we staggered, then we duct taped them together, and covered them with satin ribbon

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Most of our DIY has revolved around the paper. I made STDs in powerpoint, got them printed as postcards through vistaprint and then made bellybands myself. Same with the invitations, we made 63 6-page hard back invites (the wedding is book themed so we used old maps, engravings and art deco swirls for illustrations) over Christmas. The rehearsal dinner invites were also a powerpoint/vistaprint combination, they’re currently in the post! I also made a little ring pouch in our wedding colours with our initials embroidered on the front. I may make some for the bridesmaids as well to hold the earrings I’m giving them. We also used mywedding.com to put together our website, does that count as DIY?

Other than that I’ll be making place cards (again, little books set on miniature bookstands), envelop liners, bookmark favours (raw materials also in the post, I used powerpoint to design three and managed to squeeze them onto 1 large postcard – 90 favours for $12 – so I need to cut those when they arrive), menus and ceremony programmes. I was also thinking of making some bridesmaids bags and putting together some OOT bags though that’s still up in the air. 

Future projects include a library catalogue and old map based seating plan (still need to work out the details of that), bar signs and a bellini bar. Ouch, so much still to do!

Still, there’s quite a few things I planned to do myself but have been left to the professionals:

1. Flowers – in particular the bridesmaids bouquets and the chapel flowers. I planned to get whole sale the day before but it just doesn’t seem worth the stress anymore. We’re also ordering centerpieces through the same florist (which we were originally also thinking of making ourselves), he’s just wonderful.

2. Make-up. When I added up how much I’d spend on buying the things needed it came out as more than getting my make-up done in the salon. I’d probably never use those products again anyway and it’s a nice bit of pampering.

3. Shoes – I was going to buy a pair of cheaper plain pumps and jazz them up. Now I have bought a pair of designer plain pumps that look wonderful just as they are (yay for outlet sales!). I just really can’t be bothered to even start looking for shoe clips.

That’s all I can think of for now! But I’m pretty sure I’ve thrown the towel in more than that… Overall I’d say just DIY anything you can do well in advance but leave anything on the day or the day before to the professionals. The last thing you want to do is become even more frazzled on your wedding day!

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I’m DIYing…most of the decor, lace table overlays, the flower stand/containers for the centerpieces, Save the Dates, Invitations/RSVPs, moving chairs from the ceremony to reception area so I don’t have to pay double chair rental fee, ribbon backdrops, wand streamers, bar, escort cards, and boards and signs galore  


What I’m not doing…cake, flowers, food, music, dress, veil, and makeup/hair


I made a few tissue paper poms poms and realized I COULD do them all myself, but in the end I bought a pack that was already all folded up and cut. I decided my cuts weren’t that great and wouldn’t improve without investing in a heavier duty cutter than what I already have. I’ll still have to pull them open though. 

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