What would you consider as TTC?

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Bee Keeper

It sounds more like NTNP- not trying, not preventing (aka TTC-lite)

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Buzzing bee

Personally, if I’m not preventing, I’m trying. That said, I do understand that the strict sense of TTC includes everything you listed.

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yep! agreed! NTNP =  “whatever happens happens”. i guess i would consider TTC putting in a real effort to BD (sex) on certain fertile days. Not necessarilty charting, but around any day that is more likely.   :)   My DH and i will go the NTNP route first, though i AM charting as well.

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Busy bee

When we eventually agree to go off BC we are planning to NTNP first, take it easy and see what happens.

We have no pressure to fall pregnant straight away and if it happens its an added bonus! I think a lot of people fall pregnant this way because you are in a stress-free state of mind…


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Sugar bee

I agree with PP but also wanted to add that in my mind, if you are TTC, then you get disapppointed/sad/bummed out when AF arrives each month. But if you just go about your day and it doesn’t bother you, then it is NTNP.


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@MsHeatFan:  Like other have said, sound more like NTNP is what your friend is doing.

TTC to me means that we’d be BD’ing with intent of testing 2 weeks later after the two week wait (TWW) HOPING for a BFP. If we’re NTNP it’d be more like “Ummmmm AF didn’t show, maybe I should test”.

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Helper bee

@MsHeatFan:  I think if you’re not using any kind of protection or withdrawal methods and you’re still having sex as usual, you’re in essence TTC. You don’t have to go all crazy charting to be trying for a baby. I tracked CM/Position and O pains, but that was as far as I took it and I was def TTC! 

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