What's your worst bad date story?

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I was dating this guy for awhile, we had met at a bowling alley [he played on a league for his work]. I was with some friends, we bumped into each other at the snack shop and started up a convo, he asked for my number, we went out a few times. It was our 4th or 5th date, and we were at a restaurant in his hometown, just enjoying a lovely meal and chatting when out of freaking nowhere this women barges in the restaurant and starts screaming at us [mainly me]. Calling him a piece of shit, how dare he start dating after they broke up, that I was such a “downgrade” and he should be ashamed of himself.

I was really caught offguard, apparently, they had broken up like 6 months before and she STALKED him. She would continuely show up on dates and sabotage him. She actually followed us to the restaurant! He apologize profusely, and we ended up dating for a year in total but that was one crazy date.

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I was dating this guy in highschool for about a month and didn’t really like him, but really wanted a boyfriend aha. I was just about to turn 16. We went to the movies and saw The Holiday and in the middle of the movie, he whips out his phone and starts talking to his mom on speakerphone!!!!?!?!?! Like WHAT!? Plus, we were walking for a bit in the freezing rain and my mascara ran a little and he didn’t even tell me and introduced me to a ton of people. Plus, he was dating another girl at the same time and cheating on her with me – but I didn’t even know, because he was from another town and people didn’t use FB back then! It was just all around bad!

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I had a great date with a guy from my hometown. It was nice to catch up with someone from the area since I was living 350 miles away. We had coffee, chatted, laughed, and it was a really fun time. Then, at the end, he went to drive home and left me to walk in the rain, which, I can see why he didn’t offer a ride, since he may have assumed (correctly) that I wouldn’t feel comfortable getting in a blind date’s car. However, before he drove off, he remarked, “Wow, there sure are a lot of black people around here. I hope I don’t get mugged.” I was truly speechless, and clearly there was no second date.

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Oh, a few other ones, more creepy than anything.

I started seeing this guy, he was a friend of my brother and I’d known him for years. He called me one night to pick him and a few friends up from the bar, so I did – I’m totally against driving under the influence and will drive almost anyone home if they need a ride – ANYWAY, I dropped off all his friends, and was taking him home. He was in the backseat, so when we arrived, I turned around to tell him we were there [I thought he was asleep], his had whipped out his wang and was rubbing it.. IN MY BACK SEAT. Gross. I never talked to him again.

Dated this other guy for awhile, prolly 10th date or so, and we were giving each other little pecks on the cheek, when suddenly he gets on top of me and shoves his tongue down my throat. Down. My. Throat. I nearly choked, left and never spoke to him again. Awkward.

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Equine_Breeder:  I was pretty grossed out, it’s pretty funny now but I was freaking out then. I haven’t seen him in years but I refer to him as the “Wiener Guy”.

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This one stands out beyond the rest…

I was on POF about 7 or 8 years ago. I started talking to this guy from Staten Island. The picture he posted showed a very attractive man, nice blue eyes.. etc….However, I never gave my number out. I’d talk to him through the site and said I’d call him while blocking my number.  

So we decide to meet for dinner at a place in SI. I pull into the parking spot & this guy walks over to me. He says my name, I say his..and he immediately grabs my hand to hold it while walking into the restaurant. He’s about 10 years older looking than the picture and about 30lbs heavier. He had some teeth missing (wasn’t showing teeth in the picture).

Then he begins to tell me all about his drug problem back in high school (heroin) and how his parents kicked him out and what a mess things became. All I’m thinking is I need to get out of here…

So after dinner I say that I have a ton of errands to run because I was hosting a get-together at my house the next day (which was true).. He asks if he can come over and I said I’m sorry we just met so no. He tries it kiss me in the parking lot and I push away. He asks what’s wrong and I say I’m not ready for that yet and this is just too soon…

THANK GOODNESS my brother saw me before I left. I originally had on a cute, little black skirt and he begged me to change. It’s a first date and he was like no way you can’t meet a stranger basically like that. I wore black capris instead. 

So needless to say, I ended that basically before it had time to start!

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I went out on a date with this guy who was true hotty! So, I knew I had to step up my game with my 5″ stilettos that were a tad bit too small, but beauty b4 comfort…right!,  tight jeans…nice top that was very friendly to the girls. After a really nice dinner we decided to walked the strip, but shortly into our walk my feet began to hurt and swell.  You can only imagine how happy I was when I saw a bench so that we could sit down, but while we were sitting my feet just started expanding like dough. He looked down at my feet and said, “WTF, your feet are swelling out of your shoes!” I was so embarrassed, but since the cat was out the bag, I took the shoes off and had him walk me to my car…my bff laughed about that crapp for days!

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Well this one guy I went out on a first date with tried to rape me, so that’s pretty high up there. But I wont get into detail about that.

An embarrassing one is mine and my FI’s first “date.” We were both super shy and awkward, so we asked our mutual friend to go along. Romantic, right? We went to this little café that we all love, and we had been there for about 45 minutes when he (FI) got a call from his mom and had to go take her somewhere. He said it should only take about 10 minutes and asked if I minded, and I told him he could go on and take her. Now, I have IBS, and when I gotta go, I gotta go. As soon as he left my stomach started rumbling and I knew diarrhea wasn’t too far off, so I told our friend that I wasn’t feeling good, and I went home because I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of him when he got back.

Poor boy thought I was mad at him for about a month afterwards.

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I met a guy online and he seemed amazing.  He said he graduated from Caltech (my dad did so that seemed really neat), was sucessful, and everything you could ever want.  We met for lunch, everything seemed to go great.  The check came and mysteriously he didn’t have the cash so I paid (even though I was on my student budget and he was Mr. Super Sucessful as he kept reminding me).  

After lunch he suggested that we go to the zoo, but turns out his car was ‘in the shop’ so I ended up driving us.  At the zoo he made a big deal of wanting to buy our tickets, but at the last minute I had to step in and buy them.  In the zoo it came out that he didn’t actually graduate from Caltech, he actually dropped out his first semester (I didn’t care about where he did or did not go, but I was a bit put off that he lied about it), his great job was very vague and involved something in either banking, sales, or law.  

I could sense that things weren’t going well and was trying to bail when we were wandering through the rainforest house and he started to get all grabby saying that ‘something about wild animals brought out the wild animal in him’.  At that point I bailed, and he asked if I would give him a ride, when I said no he pulled out his phone and dialed.  The person he called was the woman whose house he had spent the previous night at and he was begging her to come and pick him up.

I have no clue what happened to him, but I went home and took a very long shower in order to scrub every trace of him out.

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When I was fifteen I has been talking to a friend of a friend online, and we got on really well and decided to hang out. Obviously I was just a kid so I asked if he would mind coming with myself and two of my girlfriends, as we were going to a fairground. He got dropped off by his mom, and we walked up to the fair ground and it was super awkward, because he was so awful looking in person, and scary tall and older looking.

When we got there, my girlfriends scampered off and left me with him, and we went on a ride together and he growled ‘I owe you this’ and stuck his tongue down my throat. It was so cringe-worthy. We eventually rejoined my friends, and then he said his mom would be coming back to get him, and said he didn’t know the way back to where he was dropped off, and the girls said ‘we’ll show you’ as in all three of us, and I quickly said ‘Y and L will show you, thanks guys!’ and ran away!!!

Looking back the whole thing is so weird and childish, but the funniest part is, I had introduced him to a few people… And on Monday morning it came to light that they all thought he was my Dad!!

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